Sunday, July 31, 2011

. Western Painting as I Used to - Remember Wuqiu Ming Landscape Painting

Wei Yuan nineteenth century call for "learning technology to the barbarians" slogan, Westernization called the West, the goal is for our use, rich power. In this regard, Mr. Wu Qiuming are the same. He believes that oil corporations are exotic kinds of painting, but passed to China, we should not be excluded, but should be used, combined with our painting, he has a very vivid metaphor: "Oil will actually an art language of the carrier It's like a dish, regional difference, eat different parts of the chef's efforts in that it can be different for the most delicious local dishes. can not believe that this dish in the origin of the tune out of the food is cooking The best or most essential, and, more can not be sure here is the master chefs craft can not go beyond. "He's oil to China and eventually became a master at home, even beyond Western painting, full of confidence.
Mr. Wu Qiuming very favorite traditional classical painting, so in his paintings, that realism, landscape painting became his favorite. Fujian's mountains gave him too much inspiration, Mr. Wu Qiuming like detachment and relieved on the road, he felt alone in the quiet mountains, from the turn of autumn and winter spring and summer seasons, the moon overcast conditions in the absence of changes in body odor round world cold, Wu Qiuming ink color conversion from natural to mine a new image, showing the distant mood, look at the wonders of the universe, purify the soul.
Guren Jiang, "Nature as Teacher", is naturally a source of artistic creation, Wu Qiuming not the creation of the closed-door, he made many trips to the field, village, countryside to Bing Feng, painting, quickly and accurately records the true feelings of nature, appreciate that kind of style. Wu Qiuming performance-based approach to realism, but also into the realism and surrealism, learn calligraphy pen, large sway, should be cracked wantonly rubbing pictographic material ignited.