Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Phillies before Game 2 from 2 big ace Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt hit three home runs in the hands of Ross

Then the next giant in the 5 games, and start relying on Aaron Rowand's base hit, with Freddy Sanchez's infield hit gain another victory. Audience for such a giant hit out of five hits, laid focus on the 2 Board 3, and closing the Giants to win 3 to 0.

Phillies before Game 2 from 2 big ace Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt hit three home runs in the hands of Ross, win the game and hit a RBI, 2 months before adding it has become a giant hero, he said: "This For me, the experience is incredible, 2 months ago I never thought this case would be exposure. "

Ross joined the Giants after 33 games in the regular season scored seven runs batted in, and playoff games so far there are 7 of 7 RBI, and even the 4 games with RBI. Most consecutive playoff games with the giant RBI record is Barry Bonds in 2002 for 5 consecutive games, Bonds and former Giants player JT Snow, Rob Nen, Shawon Dunston, who, before today, also attended the event.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Public attention in the American League Championship Series

6 Bureau of quiet before the Yankees lineup, relying on fast in the first leg 8 of Board Brett Gardner barrier-bashing open the overall situation and scored 5 points in one breath than the number of reversed, eventually to 6 to 5 victory over Rangers, grabbed the American League championship The first series win war.

Public attention in the American League Championship Series, the Yankees ace CC Sabathia sent into battle, only to point to the first game of sand fat problem, let the first two batters on base by walks and hits, the most terrible hitter Rangers Josh Hamilton more Rod belted a 3-gun, the first game the Rangers to the Yankees a 3 to 0 lead.

4 Bureau of downstream cavalry offensive resurgence, Matt Treanor, and Elvis Andrus first on base by hits, Michael Young and then knock out the far-reaching with 2 RBI hits, the Rangers have made a strong lead 5 to 0, and let the sand casting 4 Bureau of fat to sadly withdrew.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Excellent report card this year

Excellent report card this year, was elected to the Arizona Fall League season for pitcher Li Zhenchang living in America, in today's (13) of the first registration plate is not smooth, back-2 Board lost 2 points, and ultimately belongs to the Peo Javelinas lose 6 to 8 to the Surprise Rafters.

Every year, each team performed well in the rookie to play fall league, mostly 2A and 3A players, therefore, be regarded as the touchstone of major league promotion. Taiwan players, for example, Chen Chin-feng, CHEN Yong-based, Hu Jinlong, Luo Jinlong, Luojia Ren, Li Zhenchang even now, are out in the autumn together surpass.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The poor performance of the regular season Pena

On the other hand, light starting pitcher Wade Davis also has a good performance, to cast the first 5 Board 7 strikeouts, 3 although four bad throws, but also gave up five hits, but none of any errors points. However, his next start in the 6 Board to be Nelson Cruz smacked solo shot, then hit another after being knocked Kinsler exit. Cruz in this home run was his first 3 of this series bombers.

Although the Rangers rely on Mitch Moreland under 6 Board's base hit scored 2 points, but half of the wire after the match flame, do not go the offensive, whistle to lose 2 to 5. With the light of the current Rangers win 2 wins on the road, we must return home for the first 5 light war.

Longoria said after the game out of a low ebb: "We fought the record tied, I think we got home there will be a lot of confidence to the end of the series at home."

The poor performance of the regular season Pena, in the light of the 2 game winning hit number 7 hit 4 hits, and yesterday I played the last two were hit singles, home run, and today I played the first 2 is the third base playing, playing second base to form a complete alternative to combat. After the match he said: "I think we must acknowledge the current situation, after the tide over the difficult move forward."

Friday, October 8, 2010

3 minutes after the game hit a shot in the Young and starting pitcher Wilson praised each other

Light after the game section of wire and no signs of recovery in the face of any Rangers reliever Darren O'Day 2 and Darren Oliver, 2.2 inning striking out 3 times, still did not hit hit, whistle Rangers to win 6 to 0, The game just hit two light hits.

Although the series 2 games before a race in light of home, but the Rangers do not even get 2 wins, 1 win and then be able to advance as long as the American League Championship. Rangers coach Ron Washington said: "The leading 2 wins 0 lose enormous, especially in the away win 2 games. But we still have not really achieved anything, our goal is to stay in the playoffs as much as possible, the next we're back to Texas, once again try my best to race. "

3 minutes after the game hit a shot in the Young and starting pitcher Wilson praised each other, Young said: "Today's focus is our pitching." Wilson then praised him: "Mike is our backbone. He is our Derek Jeter, we The Cal Ripken. "