Sunday, August 29, 2010

Under 8 "ball of fire man" out of a small state

Under 8 "ball of fire man" out of a small state, one was knocked out hit after another wild pitch, but fortunately he was stabilized in time, first strikeout Baixinsiji (AJ Pierzynski), to face Ramirez crazy destroy throttle, No. 1 ball on the 99 miles, 3 balls more to 100 miles, it almost cut into the strike zone, the final 99 miles with a ball he hit a ground ball to the batter out, 1.1 Bureau of scoreless, ERA dropped to 4.89 .

Chamberlain 2007, Major League ball when it is known for ultra-investment and over 97 miles of ball speed like the day, Wang was a guard and quickly became famous victory, but the ball is transferred to start the ball prestige as before, again this season back bullpen pitcher position, the problem still has been derived from the discussion, and now once again the ball speed had risen to 100 miles, which shows that by the end of July after the proper adjustments for their own gain more playing opportunities.

Recent U.S. and Japanese pitcher as if putting on a "speed ball race", the Japanese pro baseball team Yakult pitcher 20-year-old Sato, 26, soared by the rules refresh local players out of the record 161 km, 28 turn to the performance of American baseball, Reds lefty Chapman (Aroldis Chapman) almost impossible to vote out of 105 miles (169 km) fastball, Chamberlain joined the war situation now, 100 miles, though not of Chapman, still cause "Bronx Baseball Daily" Web site that, also pull out of this event in particular.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hiromitsu Ochiai a high status in the Japanese professional baseball

Yi Nuokui III, President of the Philippines after the incident the bus hostage tragedy repeated smile severely punitive expedition, the 25th for his smile Huanjia said represent "anger" can not give the world to accept that a person angry how could smile? This argument left Taiwan at the Sino-Japanese cast Chenwei Yan Lung's coach Hiromitsu Ochiai who seems to receive evidence, whenever he reveal strange smile, do not ban referees, players and opponents shudder, events may be triggered at any moment!

Hiromitsu Ochiai a high status in the Japanese professional baseball, but his maverick style but with a conservative Congress and the nation out of tune. YouTube has put his fans in a giant explosion during the series angry, most are dissatisfied with body contact with the referee ruling the ball, sometimes he really angry right, but they also reveal a blur of strange smile, people touched his heart in the end in mind.

Retired as a coach, Hiromitsu Ochiai still "does not change his mind," as long as he feels wrong place, the trial must come out to protest, but at the same time and talk to each other, not forgetting to take his scary smile. On October 11 last year, and Yakult war, he is out of bounds for the ball in the end, or a home run and the referee controversy, and finally anger recall all the Japanese players lounge, lips are still slightly higher, so the fans have to say "I really could not guess you ah!"

MLB Major League Baseball pitchers Roy Halladay (Roy Halladay) 7 game winning streak

MLB Major League Baseball pitchers Roy Halladay (Roy Halladay) 7 game winning streak in the Houston Astros ruined the way (Astros) rod, the astronauts today from the Phillies (Phillies) ace pitcher hit two hands home run to win 3-2.

Is seeking the 17th win this season Halladay, with 18 Authority scoreless game 4 in the Bureau of stay, was Astros right fielder Pence (Hunter Pence) homered in two outs.

Philadelphia Phillies Versus Astros 3 game losing streak, behind the NL East leading the Warriors (Braves) 2 ½ games.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

According to the current rumors indicated Phillies

This year in the NL East Philadelphia tough time people had expected before the deadline in 731 Dan Haren have Roy Oswalt or choose a comfortable two options, but in Haren wings and become angels, the Phillies began to actively fight for Oswalt.

According to the current rumors indicated Phillies, Cardinals, Dodgers could send Oswalt Astros are the object, but Oswalt next year with the option to add up to 2012 up to 32 million U.S. dollars, he said that if the team agreed to the implementation of the new options right before they are willing to give up the contract in terms of the transaction may not.

Even if the Cardinals, Oswalt also willing to reduce the delay in payment means the burden of the team.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Carpenter is still the value of post-operative rehabilitation

St. Louis Cardinals Carpenter (Chris Carpenter) by moving the elbow ligament surgery in July last year after the training has recently launched a short pass, although he has not yet set the timetable back to teams, but according to Tommy John surgery after the return date of rehabilitation, general to 12 months, Carpenter said: "I can not be hurried."

Carpenter 2005, 21 wins, 5 to create a defeat, 2.83 ERA results, selected as the State League pitcher Young Award in 2006, also paid out 15 wins and 8 defeat, defense of the success rate of 3.09, while last year only to vote in a race a field Council voted 6 to swallow defeat on the inclusion of the wounded, as torn elbow ligament in July knife must be led to the whole bathing season.

Carpenter is still the value of post-operative rehabilitation, and periodic short-range pass the ball to start practicing: "I have voted three times training, feel good, but this is just the beginning, after all, rehabilitation is a very long road. . "

Carpenter unwilling to return to their own development during the table, but most of the post-operative recovery of at least one month, Carpenter said he must now step by step to rehabilitation can not be hurried, I now very good, strong arm, hand elbow condition is not bad.

In accordance with the progress of Carpenter return date should be around July this year, the time may be even earlier, in terms of the Cardinals is still worth looking forward to the late Austrian aid.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Major League Main Xisailige (Bud Selig) and Major League players union representatives Fairbanks

Major League Main Xisailige (Bud Selig) and Major League players union representatives Fairbanks (Don Fehr), spent nearly 55 minutes today, reports, Selig Reform Committee in the U.S. Congress before the frankly acknowledged: "We have the players to use drugs The reaction is too slow! "

Selig also said: "I am willing to assume all responsibility," "That is why I hope that Mitchell (George Mitchell) report on their investigation against doping." Toepfer also said: "I do drugs too overlooked."

This hearing, stains stars including "Rocket Man" Clemens, "artillery" Bonds, the former Orioles beat Tejada none of strong attendance. The first stage of hearing the report by former Senator Mitchell, the second stage, Selig, Fair as a star. 3 years ago, the issue has held for doping will be a hearing, when the Mitchell report in December last year after the release of the re-convening this hearing today.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Biggio during his playing career actively involved in various charitable activities to help children and their families in many cancers

Biggio during his playing career actively involved in various charitable activities to help children and their families in many cancers, but also slow the development of children held meaning star golf tournament for children who organizes the annual baseball party, he served as pitcher, and more than 100 children have a play, and for the Association which raised 2.5 million U.S. dollars.

Biggio Although retired, but his act has long been lauded, 2005 he was awarded the "Hutch Award", awarded the 2006 "Heart and Hustle Award", 2007, also by the "Roberto Clemente Award" again this year, won the Mu Sen rewarded.

Biji Ou was born in New York, Long Island, he was not playing baseball in the front, as the Yankees catcher on Mohsen for the idol, and Biggio have been from high school to college catcher, 1987, by using the identity has been off the soil catcher Dayton Astros pick go, he has been before in 1992 he was named second baseman.

Biggio hit a career total of 3,060 hits, ranked 20th in major league history, a total of 668 doubles and win, but also hit the most doubles in the history of the right handed batter, no matter the venue, the performance of the same off-respected .

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ge Saji professional baseball career from 1972 to 1994

Former Yankees Terminator Ge Saji (Rich Gossage) 9 degrees Challenge Hall of Fame, this time have the opportunity to realize their dreams.

Ge Saji professional baseball career from 1972 to 1994, played baseball for 22 years, accumulated 124 career wins 107 lost an average of 3.10 ERA, won a total of 310 successful rescue (ranked 17th in major league history), his career total played nine teams to stay in the Yankees seven years (1978-83, 89 years) the longest won a total of 151 times during the successful rescue, among the most notable.

Two years ago, Souter (Bruce Sutter ,1976-88) became the first celebrity to enter the relief pitcher, he was just 12 years, won 300 times on the successful rescue, relief pitcher for the position also been affirmed. The Ge Saji a good chance to follow the footsteps of David Souter, successful step Niuyuekubo City

Ge Saji last year by 71.2% of the vote, differing only 21 tickets will be Hall of Famer, his persistent efforts this year, hope that strong, but the same players have been optimistic about the Red Sox star Rice (Jim Rice) and dare fighting spirit of the highly regarded Dawson (Andre Dawson).

Rice in the Red Sox playing varsity ball for 16 years until he retired last year was 63.5% of the vote, ranked fourth, while the Alliance has 21 years seniority Dawson received 56.7% of the votes, ranking fifth, pity and Ge Saji Like, none of votes across the 75% threshold, while last year, only "Iron Man" small Ruipu Ken (Carl Ripken Jr.), "hit making machine" Ge Wen (Tony Gwynn) and Ge Saji challenges successfully, a Hall of Fame part.

Ge Saji is able to pass the test? 2008 Hall of Fame balloting will be the time the United States announced on January 8, about 600 members of the United States Baseball Writers Association will vote, will be the high-profile international situation.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The report is the second time Roberts was involved in steroid scandal mapping

The report cites the former Orioles players Bigby's testimony that he and Roberts in 2004 a section of conversation, Roberts admitted the previous year have been injected with steroids "once or twice."

The report is the second time Roberts was involved in steroid scandal mapping.

"Los Angeles Times" in September 2006 reported that former Orioles relief pitcher Gelinsili testimony in federal court named Roberts, outfielder Gibbons, recently traded to the Houston Astros The shortstop Tejada steroids users.

Roberts, now three-year-old All-Star twice, in 2005 hit 18 home runs the season, the highest career high. In four seasons before his career, Roberts knocked a total of only 12 home runs.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

On the winning team, the maintenance of the same people is the highest guiding principle

After Schilling (Curt Schilling), the Red Sox and then spending a large amount of money to retain third baseman Derek Lowe (Mike Lowell), declare the defending Gold Cup action determination.

According to the Associated Press, World Series MVP, has accepted the Red Sox Derek Lowe made 20 three-year 37.5 million U.S. dollars contract conditions, the average annual income of 12.5 million, compared to this year's nine million annual salary, up to 39% AM, Red Sox stay were made in good faith.

On the winning team, the maintenance of the same people is the highest guiding principle, the Red Sox has also used the option to retain "Butterfly Ball Master" Weikefeide (Tim Wakefield), and start to rescue the Tawaruizi tilapia ( Julian Tavarez).

Red Sox World Series sweep four straight sets off the machine, won the past four years the second Gold Cup, 33-year-old Lowe deserve credit for a total of 15 bats hit the six hits, four RBIs and helped contribute to the ball team back to 6 points, when the champion Red Sox in the Rockies home when diehard Red Sox fans keep the stands shouted: "Re-sign Lowell!", hope to keep the Boston pellet new hero.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Shabaxiya season, pitched 241 Bureau ranks the highest in the Alliance

Shabaxiya season, pitched 241 Bureau ranks the highest in the Alliance, with 19 wins and 3.21 career-best defensive record set rates, but also Indians pitcher, after 35 years of absence, once again won the highest honor a symbol of the pitcher's Cy Young Award .

"Family, friends, witnessed by award-winning, extremely happy!" Shabaxiya admits: "surprise ending, after all, the performance of Becket brilliant regular season, playoffs, is admirable."

Becket playoff race out of 4 games, won 4 wins 0 lose a perfect record, pitched 30 Board sent 35K, defense was only 1.20, including the American League Championship Series twice beat Shabaxiya is the Red Sox can win one stroke important contributor.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Japanese professional baseball to "delicate" known

No more than 150 km of ball, and no fellow pine (soil reaction) Daisuke fascinating "magic ball" for weapons, relying on a strange pitching motion, Hideki Okajima is still in the Red Sox break a new day.

Fought in the first year of the Alliance, Hideki Okajima Red Sox captured by strength coach Falankena (Terry Francona) of the heart, rookie season, starting from the bullpen, to pay out 3 wins and 2 losses 5 rescue transcripts, ERA only 2.22, compared to the same duties and went to the Yankees from the development of Japan left Tou Jing Chuan Ching, Okajima that even without the star aura, stand firm in the Alliance is not out of reach.

For nearly 32-year-old Okajima, 1995 to 65 million yen signing bonus to join attracting talented independent sales giant, in 2001 to reach top of his career, single season 25 games successful rescue for Okajima separated formally joined the "million man" club, Ham won in 2006 he moved to Japan, "Japan, a" crown, a total of Okajima 12-year career on staff, leaving 34 games in the successful rescue of 32 records lost 41 games, pitched 642 out of 681 strikeouts Board Biao, K function quite amazing.

Japanese professional baseball to "delicate" known, the operational requirements of the players are very strict, Okajima strange pitching in Japan, described as a "different numbers", the ball is shot moments eye catcher gloves not look directly, but the mound of soil drifting heap, common sense, Okajima point guard certainly will not be good, but the fact is the opposite, Okajima not only precise ball control in the zone edge, good changeup is so batters command to hold the stick are not strong, Big league hitters as no exception.

Okajima extraordinary full display against the pressure of the playoffs, from the angels, Indians to Rocky, completely take Okajima crash others accumulated only hit in the primary vote of 9.2 out of 5 Bureau of hits, is that only a low blow into 47, soared from a point not lost 9K, firmly installed in the Red Sox Set up man (ace relay), and Terminator Popper friends (Jonathan Papelbon) the composition of cow's most powerful barrier.

Second War World Series after the race, Falankena strongly praised the O: "He completely dominates the performance of rivals, like a giant mound, fans look to attract the audience." Hideki Okajima strong relay, is the Red Sox into the world champion indispensable combat capability.

Girardi office will face serious challenges

43-year-old Girardi was the Yankees won three times late in the main battle catcher in 2003 after the end of the season hanging shoes, led the Marlins last season was elected the best coach winning the National League, former coach Torre (Joe Torre) on the "Late Show" program is praised: "Girardi is a great candidate, and the Yankees have a certain degree of understanding."

Girardi office will face serious challenges, first four-headed stick Luodelizi (Alex Rodriguez) the exercise of "escape clause" leaving the team 15 wins this season won the Pei Tite (Andy Pettitte) and the successful rescue of the Swiss 30 games Villa (Mariano Rivera), also set a career single-season batting average high of 3 percent 38 pshada (Jorge Posada), next year is unknown whether the continued Liuyang base.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Rocky not home advantage

Rocky public attention, the Red Sox victory over seven World Series, the first battle will be Taipei time at 8:35 on the 25th flames of war, to get good mining head, both sides sent up to win pitcher fight Matrix, Rocky by the 19 wins in Francis (Jeff Francis) to lead the charge, the landlord is introduced Becket Red Sox (Josh Beckett) will react.

Rocky called the playoffs this year, a large black horse, continuous sweep Phillies, Diamondbacks did not say, won 21 games the past 22 war, the situation was scary good, but there are worries Rocky, a tiger last year to wait at the final but lost Yat World Series "lesson", eight days rest is beneficial or harmful is still unknown, with the team only pioneer Tawalasi (Willy Taveras) had World Series experience, the road is Rocky won the problems to be overcome.

Rocky not home advantage, can only rely on the fierce competitiveness in the fire, guests Fenway Park this season, Rocky Centre against group Halladay (Matt Holliday), Kheitan (Todd Helton), Atkins (Garrett Atkins) , Hope (Brad Hawpe) fierce fire, the three wars combined contribution of 13 runs batted in, Atkins has been swept out of the hands from the Becket slam gun, anti-Red Sox had.