Monday, September 27, 2010

Orioles 5 replaced Alfredo Simon relief under Board

Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles and the playoffs, even though there have been missed, but in today (27), 5 to 2, Blue Jays beat the Orioles in the game, both very heavy smell of gunpowder. 52 H of the Blue Jays this season Jose Bautista suffered a body touch the ball 2, Orioles coach Buck Showalter was ejected so.

3 innings out both on a 1 to 1 tie, the first 2 Bautista was playing against the Orioles starting pitcher Rick VandenHurk ball to touch the body to send the basepaths, and then went back ahead points. The Blue Jays starting pitcher Shaun Marcum on the then Bureau of the 4 batters Luke Scott on the first throw the ball touch the body, both the trial and therefore be warned Bill Welke.

Orioles 5 replaced Alfredo Simon relief under Board, 1 out, he first voted against Bautista 2 balls, golf is the first three angles Bautista hit the forearm. As the trial has been warned, Simon, and Showalter are therefore ejected.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rays pitcher Niemann (Jeff Niemann) starting 5.2 Bureau

Rays pitcher Niemann (Jeff Niemann) starting 5.2 Bureau, was knocked seven hits, investment 4K, 1BB, lost 3 points, responsible for loss of 3 points, scored 11 wins this season; patron Shohreh Anno (Rafael Soriano ) played in nine innings closed, and cast a 1K, 1BB, not lose points, scored the first 44 games this season a successful rescue, but also write down the Rays the most successful rescue team single-season history of the new record.

Mariners first pitcher Vargas (Jason Vargas) 4.1 Investment Board, gave up six hits, investment 2K, 4BB, lost 5 points, all are responsible for lost points, to swallow the first 12 games this season lost to vote.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

But the 6 Board immediately following the Yankees regained lead

But the 6 Board immediately following the Yankees regained lead, Garza was even missing a beat three hits after the exit points, took over the Grant Ballfour up was Granderson belted a 3-gun, Yankees get another 4-point lead.

Although the Bureau of light on the recovery of 1 in 7 points, 9 more from the Council on the hands of the Yankees Mariano Rivera lay 1 Terminator points, but in the end still lost 6 to 8.

To play the game the Yankees center line extinction, Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano hit a few free hits, total 13. However, both Jeter and Nick Swisher hit two hits, Swisher also elected to two times four bad, and Granderson's RBI double H-5, it is an important contributor to the Yankees winning.

Although the light Ben Zobrist hit number 5 hit three hits, but it takes two to tango, not help the team win. Light after the match, behind the Yankees in the margin of victory extended to 1.5 games.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Although no further then the Phillies score

Although no further then the Phillies score, but only in 6 National Council on start relying on Ryan Zimmerman's base hit, with two outs Mike Morse of timely hits to recover 1 point, and closing Phillies Take 5 to 2 defeated the National, won six straight.

Howard in under 2 minutes 3 Bureau gun, his 30 homers this season, he has reached the 102 RBI, both for 5 consecutive seasons of at least 30 homers and 100 RBIs, surpassing Hall of Famer Chuck Klein, Phillies set a new historical record.

Ibanez Phillies 4 at bats today, 3 hits, including 3 solo shot under the Council, Valdez has four hits and one RBI hit a few 3's performance. Starting pitcher Kyle Kendrick pitched six Board to cast 2 Sisi Qiu 3 strikeouts, gave up six hits and lost 2 points, scored 10 wins this season.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Disorder continued performance of the Morgan countless crime

Washington Nationals Grease Morgan (Nyjer Morgan), the involvement of the Florida Marlins before the brawl, the Alliance will be suspended for the execution of his 8 games, plus fans, the ball hit the 7 games, is suspended for a total of 15 games, but Major League make a final decision today, the screening sentence reduced to eight games with a fine of $ 15,000, from tomorrow, the battle with the Philadelphia Phillies starting suspension.

Disorder continued performance of the Morgan countless crime, by the end of August had to pound the ball the fans, home plate collision in the Cardinals catcher not hold, dissatisfaction Marlins pitcher to vote for him again approached the risk of hitting the ball and led all of the martial arts, so that Alliance of the true essence of the cumulative sentence of 15 games, but decided to appeal the sentence Morgan "only" sentenced to 8 games.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Braves starter Derek Lowe in the past to face the national record is not outstanding

NL East victories fierce, brave, and the Phillies not only have to compete for the National League East title, but also guard against wild card battle was the National League West teams over, and today the Warriors rely on Derek Lowe (Derek Lowe) man guards the pass, soared a career-high of 12 strikeout, 4-0 shutout nationals, while the Phillies 4 home runs in blessing, the road to 11:4 victory over the Marlins, two teams or maintain a field margin of victory.

Braves starter Derek Lowe in the past to face the national record is not outstanding, 2009 and 2010 start the face of the national 9 games, lost only one win 6 5.44 ERA, but today is clearly the burden of the past aside, 6, 8 Office did not send hits soared out of 12K, the number of individual single game strikeout record high, 15 June 2007 Dodge's Derek Lowe was also the face of an angel when the whirlwind struck out 11 for the then-personal best record.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dickey let the butterfly fly ball dancing in Washington

RA Dickey played for the national butterfly ball hitters lost in a fog, with Nick Evans pinch of the deadlock and win doubles tie break, and closing city on a 3 to 2 win over the people, in three with 2 wins and 1 defeat Lien Chan won.

Dickey let the butterfly fly ball dancing in Washington, pitched six Board knocked five hits and only lost by 2 points, plus four bullpen pitchers terrific way to help Conservative, so Dickey can be placed in the pockets of the season 10 wins, is also a guest of the national home three games this season since the first cut to win vote.

From the 2001 Major League so far, Dickey single season wins the most number of games it is only 9, so the pitcher grabbed the ball to the pitcher Butterfly wrote a new page in a career performance. Dickey after the game with a smile on the race, said: "double-digit win in the Major League pitcher, really gives a different feeling."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today only Danny Espinosa career games in major league 5 a race

Today, the Washington Nationals (7) at home against the New York metropolitan, big score of 13 to 3 rout, rookie Danny Espinosa change their reputation that. He hit number 4 hits today, 6, 5 RBI, a single field Pom performances, which also contains a hair slam home run, the fiery attacks on the fans to see good music in Washington, but also help relay 4 Board scoreless of Olson (Scott Olsen) scored the win, but then won three consecutive national.

Today only Danny Espinosa career games in major league 5 a race, but he never thought of, will have the opportunity to hear the audience in the race fans cheering their 20,224 names. He said: "I was just in the major leagues, will be able to enjoy being fans Hanzhu name, really good, nor convincing. I suddenly enjoy a variety of emotions, this feeling is really crazy." While his parents and two sisters also are present share the joy with him.

Danny Espinosa before Thursday called on the major league from the 3A, 3 Bureau first hit the solo shot, hit an RBI Board 5 hits, 6 Board from Igarashi hands hit the slam too light artillery, 8 Board supplemented on a hits. He said: "Effective control enough to swing the ball, the formation of hits both very happy." In addition to Danny Espinosa, veteran I-ROD hits and 3 points, 2 were arranged nine RBIs, is the key to national victory .

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Shabaxiya year unbeaten home, hanging out five-match winning streak

Lien Chan, the Yankees and Athletics final four, home unbeaten Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia), today imposing directions, 8 Authority to allow movement only play one hits home, plus Gelandesen (Curtis Granderson) Pom, Posa up (Jorge Posada) solo shot, both blasted the same season 17 home runs, the Yankees 5-0 shutout activist, Shabaxiya won only 19 major league wins, the Yankees swept the Athletics 4, Lien Chan.

The Shabaxiya year unbeaten home, hanging out five-match winning streak, to pay the 8 Bureau 5K3 walks, only to be Ellis (Mark Ellis) and win one hits, and the remaining batter no contribution, the individual won the recent six game winning streak , also a career-high, the already leading pitcher Wang throne, 19 wins hand, the second-leading 2 games, 19 wins tied a single season personal best performance, but also into the Yankees 19 wins after two consecutive quarters, have the opportunity to challenges individuals 20 wins.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Total Chapman The campaign only eight balls

Chapman brought the Cyclones, coaches and teammates felt, Terminator Ke Deluo (Francisco Cordero) said, "before he pitches, the fans have been called A Chapman! Chapman!』 Is great This is a beautiful night. "coach Baker (Dusty Baker) said," Oh! good debut board, people are quite looking forward to, they get what they want. "

The 22-year-old, wearing jersey No. 54, Chapman how think? He said, "This is of great significance to me, here called up not only the pitch, but also the performance in the playoffs, I feel quite good future will continue to follow the team to go one day to win everything." Gang up would not nervous? The teenager said, "Of course, I'm so nervous ah!"

Total Chapman The campaign only eight balls, and only one bad ball, according to Major League official website of Statistics, 4 speed of the ball for more than 100, but there are two goals to reach 103 miles. Point has been criticized in the past has been the problem, this war does not emerge; use the ball kind of change is not much, cut the 1 ball and slider, has close to 140 km level.

Seems to be little to check the birth of his face, Reds out in paragraph 1 minute after the race tension difference, first won in 1 minute 5 Board 6 Board And while the Brewers next start Gula Duo (Yovani Gallardo) position large disorder, with 2 hits and 2 walks and then the next three points, from 5 to 3 ratio of the original number of pull is 8 to 3, the final 4 minutes difference for income. At present pulled Reds and Cardinals margin of victory of 7 games, has reached a safe distance.