Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dickey let the butterfly fly ball dancing in Washington

RA Dickey played for the national butterfly ball hitters lost in a fog, with Nick Evans pinch of the deadlock and win doubles tie break, and closing city on a 3 to 2 win over the people, in three with 2 wins and 1 defeat Lien Chan won.

Dickey let the butterfly fly ball dancing in Washington, pitched six Board knocked five hits and only lost by 2 points, plus four bullpen pitchers terrific way to help Conservative, so Dickey can be placed in the pockets of the season 10 wins, is also a guest of the national home three games this season since the first cut to win vote.

From the 2001 Major League so far, Dickey single season wins the most number of games it is only 9, so the pitcher grabbed the ball to the pitcher Butterfly wrote a new page in a career performance. Dickey after the game with a smile on the race, said: "double-digit win in the Major League pitcher, really gives a different feeling."

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