Friday, September 17, 2010

Disorder continued performance of the Morgan countless crime

Washington Nationals Grease Morgan (Nyjer Morgan), the involvement of the Florida Marlins before the brawl, the Alliance will be suspended for the execution of his 8 games, plus fans, the ball hit the 7 games, is suspended for a total of 15 games, but Major League make a final decision today, the screening sentence reduced to eight games with a fine of $ 15,000, from tomorrow, the battle with the Philadelphia Phillies starting suspension.

Disorder continued performance of the Morgan countless crime, by the end of August had to pound the ball the fans, home plate collision in the Cardinals catcher not hold, dissatisfaction Marlins pitcher to vote for him again approached the risk of hitting the ball and led all of the martial arts, so that Alliance of the true essence of the cumulative sentence of 15 games, but decided to appeal the sentence Morgan "only" sentenced to 8 games.

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