Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Character Portraits Anonymous Girl

17 said: anonymous girl
Period: 1883
Creator: I.N. Klum Skoda by Russia
Specification: 77.5cm × 99cm
Materials: fabric paint
Keep possession Office: Moscow Museum of Art
This is a considerable aesthetic value of the character portraits, the artist with consummate skill to show the object ethos. Unknown girl in the painting but arrogant self-esteem, she dressed in Russian high society luxury clothing, luxury convertible sitting in the carriage, the background is the famous St. Petersburg's Alexander Theatre. Is "Unknown Girl" who is still a mystery,. In the portrait painter to create a new performance style, which uses the plot to describe the theme of portraits, showing a resolute, decisive, full of thoughts, exudes youthful knowledge of the Russian image of women.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Corot: Ornaments Wearing Daughter of Jane

Although he is called Corot landscape painter, he painted portraits are also very good. "Jane ornaments of women wearing" unique use of color, the background simple, dynamic focus on the characters of the characterization. Girl wearing a black vest, yellow in the open chest with green clothes. Her head wearing a crown woven leaves.

Have an orange and yellow leaves falling on her forehead, looked as if a pearl ornaments, although this is a misunderstanding, but this is one picture of charm: in the shadow of the leaves is not a pearl, like a pearl. Corot here depicts a quiet, gentle girl, reflects the author's idealized beauty.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Renoir and the "Red Mill dance."

"Moulin Rouge Ball" is a time full of joy and pleasure, and reflects the spirit of the times of the outstanding works. Painter Renoir painting with superb skills in light and shadow, light and dark to create a portfolio and the composition of the scene in a colorful picture, but also constitutes a striking harmony.

"Red Square dance spleen," describes the people relaxed and happy, singing and dancing scenes make clear, from the background point of view, a very concentrated area for the performance of that era to bring people's freedom, so that people's mental and psychological access to the greatest extent liberation. Cloth on the show in Paris, France Montmartre is a very famous open-air dance halls, all of them bathed in natural sunlight, dancing and relaxing those who are in a relaxed and carefree state in.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Abstract Expressionist Artist----Newman

Newman opened up the United States, represented by the abstract expressionist art of the new front, even though he's twice in the early 1950s, the exhibition have not been successful, and even the audience was attacked, but Greenberg's famous criticism of the United States Newman noted family who puts eyes in the critics view: If an artist's works lead to opposition and criticism of other artists, so here there must be some new and valuable things. Until the late 1950s, Newman was a great success, which will be his new art to the world, Newman's artistic reputation has reached stability at this time, which is considered the art of abstract expressionism of the founders of the a, and, after 60 years of the 20th century, contemporary art have a significant and far-reaching impact.

Newman (Barnett Newman, 1905----1970), was born in New York, USA, long-term residence in Poland and the Jewish community, his Russian immigrant father, since the United States, were there to create his own clothing production company, and have the most great success. By the wealthy family, Newman grew up in a comfortable environment, and gradually the arts have a strong curiosity and interest, often a person linger Museum of Modern Art in New York, began studying painting after graduating from high school after graduating from college, his father asked him to return to the company, but soon sudden economic crisis his father's clothing company nearly closed down, while he helped his father work, while looking for work to maintain the family. From 1944, he put all his focus to art go, this ruined his previous oeuvre. Until 1958, Newman's four works in the Museum of Modern Art "American Art Exhibition", this exhibition tour in Europe for up to two years and caused a great sensation, Newman's artistic reputation has thus The rise and in 1966 held personal exhibitions in the state reached its peak; while he's energetic, productive and successful art when the disease claimed his life. He's the founder of abstract expressionism in contemporary art as a significant impact.