Thursday, August 18, 2011

Renoir and the "Red Mill dance."

"Moulin Rouge Ball" is a time full of joy and pleasure, and reflects the spirit of the times of the outstanding works. Painter Renoir painting with superb skills in light and shadow, light and dark to create a portfolio and the composition of the scene in a colorful picture, but also constitutes a striking harmony.

"Red Square dance spleen," describes the people relaxed and happy, singing and dancing scenes make clear, from the background point of view, a very concentrated area for the performance of that era to bring people's freedom, so that people's mental and psychological access to the greatest extent liberation. Cloth on the show in Paris, France Montmartre is a very famous open-air dance halls, all of them bathed in natural sunlight, dancing and relaxing those who are in a relaxed and carefree state in.

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