Friday, July 30, 2010

Although the Red Sox series before the game behind the three wars 1:2

Marlins face the Yankees in the World Series, five war despite a 3-2 kick down the advantage, but the Yankees held the home court advantage, the key battle in New York in the sixth, the Marlins once again heavy responsibility to Becket, the face of strong lefthander Pei Tite (Andy Pettitte) challenge, Becket still shutouts, nine innings and rewarded the Yankees 9, Old Mr. Chang K, helping the Marlins on the world champion, Becket selected MVP.

Although the Red Sox series before the game behind the three wars 1:2, coach Falankena (Terry Francona) decided by the original plan, the fourth war by the Weikefeide (Tim Wakefield) start, after the Indians lost The outside world also Falankena scheduling some "noise", "war situation now and 2003 is very similar to the situation is very interesting." Becket said: "Terry has always been very supportive of the players, the team is now at a disadvantage, we of course, can not stand! "

Becket playoffs this year, a race two, record 2 wins 0 lose, the main cast of 15 Bureau of defense was only 1.20, the series opener encounter Indians, Becket start the sixth inning to lose 2 points, won the Red socks the only one victory.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Indians starting pitcher Wei Innsbruck (Jake Westbrook) averaged 15 wins the past two quarters

1995 Lofton Indians had their World Series titles, but lost the final to 2:4 Warriors, the playoffs this year, Lofton to sell try any performance, so far 3 45 7 total war against the rate of the stick is very hot, two Bureau to hit the seventh career postseason home runs, a stick to the "rookie" Daisuke Matsuzaka baptism, Matsuzaka two consecutive playoff start were cast under 5 Board, the Bureau of War 4.2 out four main cast The first sub-swallow defeat.

Indians starting pitcher Wei Innsbruck (Jake Westbrook) averaged 15 wins the past two quarters, injury-ridden season, scored only 6 wins, this war might play a sinker, pitched 14 6.2 Board Manufacturing ground ball out, the way the sixth inning before the Red Sox hang zero until Qiju only rely on captain Jason Varitek (Jason Varitek) two-run homer broken egg.

Indians have performed the first two double plays garrison to more investment and more stable health Innsbruck, he said: "Tonight, whether the ball, the ball is all arbitrary, the sinker pitcher's fun to play to the extreme."

Series 17, Taipei time fourth war continue to be held in Cleveland, the Red Sox off military discharge "Butterfly Ball Master" Weikefeide (Tim Wakefield) full grab victory, with veteran Border Indians (Paul Byrd) fight.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Yankees for 3 years, go home in the first round

Soldier of the highest state of "take heart", on the Yankees coach Joe Torre (Joe Torre) the occasion to arms precarious, love to Rivera (Mariano Rivera) show even behind the determination in the end!

Yankees for 3 years, go home in the first round, Torre suddenly become the top global corporations, the media, a target, the end will turn 38 next month, the "patron saint" Rivera Torre 11, closely aligned with the determination of the expression He said: "If I play the Yankees also need a pre-requirement is to allow Joe to continue to lead the team."

Rivera's major league career, and Torre can be said that fate, Torre took the Yankees to arms in 1996, immediately drawing the next year the team Terminator Rivera, Rivera rescue successful career record of 443 games are witnessed the completion of the Torre, the two together to complete four World Series titles, the revolutionary feelings can not be understated.

According to U.S. media reports, the Yankees now head coach of senior preferred candidates, including head coach Mattingly (Don Mattingly), the current Cardinals coach La Lusha (Tony La Russa), the former Yankees player Qiao Ladi (Joe Girardi), and even post in Japan Team coach Rod Rod Valentine (Bobby Valentine) are the list of considerations.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Diamondbacks starting pitcher Hernandez although not good

Diamondbacks starting pitcher Hernandez although not good, hit in the main Council voted six hits and sent out five walks in 5, in particular the bases loaded in the fifth hit by the crisis, but Hernandez is worthy of competition experienced successfully hit a double play to beat rivals to resolve, let the bottom drop Cubs momentum to take over the bullpen perfect Conservative, a total of 3 games Diamondbacks bullpen did not lose a point, the key to promotion in Arizona.

Then return to the Arizona Diamondbacks will wait for the winner of another competition pairing baked, both the Colorado Rockies or the Philadelphia Phillies goes to Arizona National League Championship Series will have home advantage.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The results Indians revive flagging spirits

The results Indians revive flagging spirits, under the of five cast Wang, A. Cabrera walked, although let Hafner hit a fly ball in center field then killed, Martinez was fired a two-run homer, Then Jiake roll out the earth, but Perata has played second base hit, Lofton hit a timely return of the Indians the first 7 points, building exit, Aberdeen, had resigned at this time.

Yankees rookie pitcher Euler put more (Ross Ohlendorf), it is a wrong decision, because he immediately walked Gutileizi, it was Blake hit the right field base hit, directly back to the two runners on base, Wang threw for more than 1 point, while Sai Zimo hit fly ball in center field were then killed, the Yankees finally got the last one out of several, but the damage has been done, the Indians coming down a single Board 5.

Under the sixth inning the Indians relied on a solo home run Hafner, and 1 RBI Lofton hit a double breath then let's use the two points, both the gap becomes more open; eight innings up under the Jiake on a solo shot to right field, the Yankees simply were beaten unconscious, and have long been uninterested.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Holmes regular season against the Washington Nationals the last race

Holmes regular season against the Washington Nationals the last race, 8 Board scoreless and soared up 13 strikeouts, current situation just has the ball commentary said: "Last year, Holmes had a great bid, but watched the game After that, I do not know will not see Holmes better than this. His changeup is the most difficult league to play in today's changeup. "Holmes this year did not surpass the Rocky out, strange pitch Phillies will be a big advantage,

Not far from both cow performance, Rocky entire season the number of successful rescue of 39, Philadelphia 42, but the Phillies in May was transferred to Terminator Myers (Brett Myers) in 24 relief opportunities in win 21 rescue points, can be said is of great benefit to the Phillies.

The two sides of the fight against performance only "same" can be described. Rocky rate of 2 percent against the team of 80, Philadelphia 74, who is 2 percent; Rocky get 860 points the entire season, the Phillies won the National League is the highest of 892 points; Phillies team stolen bases in 138, there were 100 Rocky ; Phillies beat rate of 4 percent long-58, Rocky and 4 into 37. Rocky array in the National League hit RBI double winners Harold Day (Matt Holliday), the Phillies have home runs, RBI double runner-up Howard (Ryan Howard), both comparable attack. If both pitchers authority on good ground, this series will no doubt become firepower display fireworks.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Phillies are Yuezhanyueyong, this on the Atlanta Braves ace Shimo Zi

Contrast, the Phillies are Yuezhanyueyong, this on the Atlanta Braves ace Shimo Zi (John Smoltz) without fear, under a Board relied Rollins (Jimmy Rollins) of hits and Shi Mozi, special Sheila (Mark Teixeira) errors scored 2 points, Howard (Ryan Howard) then make up a 2 min gun, which was his 44th homer this season, the Phillies grabbed four points on the first Board.

4 Bureau, the Phillies and then rely on Burrell (Pat Burrell)'s two-run homer, for the 6:0 than the number of rewriting. Although the Warriors Chibber ‧ Jones (Chipper Jones), Te Xila Board on 6 successive hit the home run, to score closer to 6:3, but the Philadelphia pitcher in four successive suppression, only in 9 Bureau throw 1 point.

Phillies rookie starting pitcher Kanderuike (Kyle Kendrick), the main cast 6 Bureau, lost 3 points, scored 10 wins this season, while Philadelphia's record tied to city, sat alone by the city take 138 days of the National League East throne, swallow defeat of the season with the Warriors also identified missed the playoffs.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Red Sox win this, coupled with home loss to the Royal Tiger

Council on 9 3 counterattack, to help the Boston Red Sox 23, Taipei time to reverse the victory 8:6 Tampa Bay Devil Rays, becoming the league's first playoff team to achieve.

Red Sox win this, coupled with home loss to the Royal Tiger, so the Red Sox at least to the American League wild card playoff. Although the same day the Yankees win, the Red Sox now lead the AL East two and a half margin of victory.

Behind the Red Sox from the leading change master 9 Board last offensive chance, first Varitek (Jason Varitek) hit a solo shot to help the Red Sox to tie it at 6:6 level, Xin Sike (Eric Hinske) then hit base hit, Lugo (Julio Lugo) and then belted two-run homer to lock the final score 8:6.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Replacement Terminator Francisco Cordero threw a four-up on the bad

Replacement Terminator Francisco Cordero threw a four-up on the bad, and then was immediately pinch of Cody Ransom belted a stick 2 points gun, Philadelphia coming down 6 points in the Board tied obstinately pushing to extend the game.

10 Board, the Reds put on All-Star left-handed back-Arthur Rhodes, unexpectedly one up even endure two long-playing, including Ibanez's two-base hit, and Howard ended the game goodbye 2 points gun and closing Phillies Take 9 than 7, reversed beat Reds.

Reds 5 at bats today Gomes hit three hits, scored four runs. Cairo and Leake also the performance of single-field 3 hits. Ibanez and Howard have Phillies are single-field hit three hits.

Reds starting pitcher Leake start 17 games this season, not only to pay a 3.53 earned run average performance, his batting average as high as .389 (14 hits in 36 at bats), today scored his first career RBI.

Friday, July 9, 2010

For the first Major League defeat to swallow

National team "A Short History of Genius," Strasbourg (Stephen Strasburg) 24 日 fourth start against the Royals, pitched six Board sent nine strikeouts and only lost 1 point, but his teammates did not do our best to combat the small history of swallowing a large Union's first defeat; for the History of swallowing can be the first to defeat the Royal coach Iust (Ned Yost), but very excited, "10 years later, I can tell this story to my grandchildren."

For the first Major League defeat to swallow, a small history of that "things do not have as we had hoped, his teammates have been very hard; I know the future I will also have cast a bad time"; National third baseman Xin Maman (Ryan Zimmerman) pointed out that "If we can not effectively score, to provide support, who will vote are the same."

Small History hit in a nine hits and lost 1 point, 5 of which 2 out in the inning after being hit three consecutive hits and lost the key to 1; after the game he said that "opponents do not give in easily and yield, they try to get the ball strike out and try to find opportunities and vulnerabilities. "

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Metropolitan Council to send the root of a third base hit Wright with a sacrifice fly scored two points

Major League Baseball, the New York Metropolitan Council so after the first three zero to 10 ahead of the Detroit Tigers, when Ni Fude fifth in the team behind the play, but a cosmopolitan center in the sixth inning was again hit consecutive hits and lost one-third line, and closing large are 14 to 6 victory over the Tigers to the Chicago White Sox Zeyi nine to six Lectra Atlanta Braves, won seven in a row, the Milwaukee Brewers to seven to five win over the Minnesota Twins.

Metropolitan Council to send the root of a third base hit Wright with a sacrifice fly scored two points, three bureau, from the Wright playing blown up six hits with four walks breath play scored eight times for 14 individuals , three bureau so after 10 zero-leading Tigers, four Board Buoy area two minutes later to send the root gun has played second base the next four Board Tim was playing the first 11 points, five Bureau Tiger also hit 10 hits and scored five times quarter, catch up with six to 11; of five as the Tigers under the Ni Fude fourth pitcher, although it was Falankeer got hits Pirates of the second base but did not drop points, sent the root on the sixth inning, with David Wright Sri Lanka lost two-thirds consecutive three hits, Ni Fude Qiju before casting their exit, and closing a ratio of six to 14.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cardinals Pujols, while not intending to run home run contest

Cardinals Pujols, while not intending to run home run contest, but the regular season has not hit fewer home runs, on the Diamondbacks in three of five council and Willis all hit two-run homer, and one A total of five RBI doubles play, the Cardinals of Lopez has four hits to help the pitcher Weienlaite scored 11 wins this season.

The spirit of cool people every wedding, on the first White Sox pitcher Floyd issued the day before the battle royal, to help his wife Lee Ni Freud gave birth to a son, Freud's mouth open from the left ear to right ear, on 6.2 lost only one-third of the Royal Council, together with the White Sox next four consecutive hits and scored four third, the Royal 782 Office has missed three scoring runners circle the opportunity to win the last five weeks of Freud The first pitcher to win.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Yankees nine innings of major counterattack

Yankees nine innings of major counterattack, so Dodge victory in hand flew out, Huffman (Chad Huffman) to let the Yankees tied the score critical hits, Cannon (Robinson Cano) to extend the game's two-run homer for the Yankees 8:6 away victory.

Dodge on the locked against group early today Pettitte (Andy Pettitte), the first 5 Bureau and win six hits, including Bellard (Ronnie Belliard) home run, as well as Pettitte's mistakes, breath lay 5 points, made the lead 5-0.

Behind the Yankees in the sixth inning before relying on A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) 2 sub-shells, nine innings and then counterattack, Dodge put (Jonathan Broxton) backup is the beginning of a disaster, the Yankees played a breath , 4 hits, 2 walks, breath to return to the 4, the two sides tied into the playoff.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

National Council on the 4 1 relying on Josh Willingham's RBI triples and Roger Bernadina's 2 points shot

In contrast to the nationals, is a very unfortunate thing, because the Orioles in the American League bottom club, and three in the opening play before Lien Chan, the Orioles have lost 11 straight series, the situation is not ideal, but the National missing the "tonic" opportunity for opponents to his "shave their heads." Other people in the three games have a common ground, that is, lead is established before the 4 Board, but must not start the first 5 minutes Council, only watched the Orioles caught up step by step.

National Council on the 4 1 relying on Josh Willingham's RBI triples and Roger Bernadina's 2 points shot, the first to score hung scoreboard, but the Orioles next counterattack in the 5 Board, by 4 consecutive hits and opponents fielding mistakes, the war situation in one fell swoop would be equalized.

Orioles 8 Board under renewed attack, Miguel Tejada out at second base with runners in two cases, timely and win in center field for a base hit in level flight, escorted back to home plate scoring teammate, a leader to help the Orioles.

Orioles starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie pitched 6 Board lost three points, but the pitcher on the relay by 8 Council resolved two batters of the David Hernandez scored, and pitched seven Board lost 3 points (2 points ERA) in National starting pitcher Luis Atilano has nothing to do the same victory or defeat, failure to vote should be counted in the vote a Board points out a Tyler Clippard's books.