Friday, July 9, 2010

For the first Major League defeat to swallow

National team "A Short History of Genius," Strasbourg (Stephen Strasburg) 24 日 fourth start against the Royals, pitched six Board sent nine strikeouts and only lost 1 point, but his teammates did not do our best to combat the small history of swallowing a large Union's first defeat; for the History of swallowing can be the first to defeat the Royal coach Iust (Ned Yost), but very excited, "10 years later, I can tell this story to my grandchildren."

For the first Major League defeat to swallow, a small history of that "things do not have as we had hoped, his teammates have been very hard; I know the future I will also have cast a bad time"; National third baseman Xin Maman (Ryan Zimmerman) pointed out that "If we can not effectively score, to provide support, who will vote are the same."

Small History hit in a nine hits and lost 1 point, 5 of which 2 out in the inning after being hit three consecutive hits and lost the key to 1; after the game he said that "opponents do not give in easily and yield, they try to get the ball strike out and try to find opportunities and vulnerabilities. "

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