Sunday, February 28, 2010

Microsoft made blog to support regulatory body to investigate Google

Microsoft rival Google last Friday of the monopoly face expressed concern about the increasing number of investigations, saying the United States and European regulatory authorities must determine whether the behavior of Google violate the law.

Microsoft Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Dave Heiner published in the company's official website blog article said that the need to pay close attention to the world's against Google's growing business activities carried out by investigation. He pointed out that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Department of Justice and the European Commission agreed that Google in search advertising dominates: "The Government competition authorities are increasingly concerned about Google in search and online advertising's growing influence."

Google blog post last week revealed that the European Commission has on three European sites of its lawsuit filed by a preliminary question. The three European sites, there is a Microsoft's online shopping portals in Germany, the other two were British and the French parity Services website Foundem legal search engine

Microsoft and Google issued a blog post to clarify their own point of view the move shows that fierce competition from the two sides had risen to public policy level, the two companies are also lobbying the U.S. government and the European Union, hoping to adjust according to their own interests, legal and regulatory regulations. Over the years, Microsoft has been stifled because of market dominance by virtue of its competitors to become anti-monopoly goals, in December last year, Microsoft reached a settlement with the European Union, ending a long-running antitrust suit. In the United States, Microsoft is still in operation with the U.S. Department of Justice signed a settlement agreement under constraints. But now, Google is in the global anti-monopoly investigation into more than.

Microsoft said Friday in a blog article, in recent months has been with Yahoo's search deal with the U.S. Department of Justice and the European Commission had met the two regulatory bodies have approved the transaction unconditionally. Hainer said: "As expected the outside world, regulatory agencies a great deal of competition between Microsoft and Google the problem." He said, Microsoft set out a number of regulatory structure to the Google way of doing business, "Google's practices may damage the search and online advertising market, publishers, advertisers and competing interests. "

Google declined to Microsoft Friday to comment on his blog. Early last week, Google said that with the continuous increase in the size of its own, is bound to face more and more questioned. The company's senior competition counsel Julia Holtz said: "When a company is bound to grow when you face such a review, but Google has been working to ensure the adoption of technological innovation and great products to be successful, rather than by virtue of restrictions on our users or advertisers, as well as artificial barriers to entry. "

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Twitter users jumped 20-fold plan abandoned MySQL

Twitter's an engineer named Ryan King has revealed to the blog MyNoSQL, the company plans to migrate to Cassandra from the MySQL database, because the latter has a greater flexibility, scalability, and a lot of social networking open-source developers.

"We have a lot of data, the data huge growth is accelerating, we need a system that can be more automated, and highly reliable and available." Ryan King said.

Data show that in 2009 years, Twitter users in January from about 200 million people a day, surged in December to nearly 50 million people a day. The number of users per day landing Twitter growth has more than 20 times.

In fact, skilled programmers, the so-called NoSQL database can improve performance and scalability, which makes them attractive to consumers of the network world.

Such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as the original Web 2.0 darling - Digg, is also a database from the MySQL database migration to Cassandra.

Ryan King of the trial was found, Cassandra database than MySQL is more scalable, reliable and easier to manage.

"The information with all the tweets and retweets up a platform to move to Cassandra, it is Twitter's current priorities." Ryan King said. "After that, we will begin some new projects to move to Cassandra or other platform."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Google executives: Buzz not do Facebook or Twitter Terminator

Google Buzz project manager responsible for product management affairs, Bradley Horowitz, vice president, said Google intended to challenge Buzz is not Facebook or Twitter, but as these social networking services, a unique complement.

Horowitz also said the service he was excited about the growth rate. He said, Buzz feature has prompted many users will be compared with Facebook and Twitter, Facebook and Twitter, but Buzz is not the Terminator, but an interesting network of communication.

Google launched on February 9 of the social service Buzz. Through this service, users can Google Gmail e-mail service, to share with others all kinds of information (images, web links and other content), while information on the activities automatically loads friends, and for the user automatically create a corresponding mailing list.

In addition, Google Buzz also allows users to publish their own information on the activities updated to allow other friends kept informed of their current location. In this way, Google Gmail can be played in the formation of a strong social network. In the service launched in the first week, 176 million will have tens of millions of Gmail users who have created more than 9 million comments and messages, as well as a number of mobile phone users Buzz mobile applications to 200 messages per minute, the speed of constant postings.

Horowitz interview, said: "Users are as we had hoped and expected use of Buzz services. This is not just publish the state and online attendance. The service is built around an interesting topic in an interactive way, but also directly to the right audience. I think this is a unique value proposition Buzz. received positive feedback from my point of view, the user mode of communication that Buzz is very, very powerful, very high quality audience. "

Horowitz also said: "Buzz is definitely not Facebook or Twitter Terminator, but rather is intended to create a new exchange type. This business has filled a gap in a specific market demand. But Buzz just launched more than a week, it is difficult to create a trend, but I think it's interesting to bring a unique experience. "

At present the user only in the Buzz on Twitter to post their published remarks. Horowitz said that Buzz Google does hope that one day can become the most open market, the social services. He said: "We now have nothing to say, but will continue to develop application programming interface (API), want to play cause its the industry's most open, most integration and the best social network."

While the Buzz just released less than two weeks, but already facing a serious problem, because the business user's contact exposed to the other Buzz users, but also in the privacy control, inadequate protection. Horowitz said that this situation is not previously anticipated.

The U.S. Electronic Privacy Information Center has submitted to the Federal Trade Commission complaint, accusing the Buzz failed to protect user privacy. A woman but also because the same reason put forward to the Buzz class action lawsuits. To alleviate this embarrassing situation, in the privacy aspects of Google has made a number of adjustments, including Buzz and Google Reader and Google Picasa service disconnect.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Microsoft Mobile Internet sector has been pressed Google

With the development of networks, mobile Internet is becoming the trend of the future network development. Latest research report that with the growing 3G network construction and investment continued into the sound, the global market by 2010, mobile Internet will become increasingly fierce competition in the industry, the new vendors to join the growing chain makes perfect. In order to seize opportunities, as a global IT giant Microsoft, Google and its competitors, the recent fighting in this area may break out.

A typical representative of the mobile Internet field - the field of mobile phone operating system. Microsoft said they will be charged Windows Phone 7 Series mobile phone operating system software, a small fee, but it did not disclose all the details of the operating system, but declared that license fee is not just limited to the system itself, built-in applications such as Word, Excel and other software as maintenance costs were included. While Microsoft has never officially announced that sales volume, before the release Ballmer did not mention that it will not be free.

Analysts predicted that Microsoft's mobile operating system on each mobile phone license cost about 8-15 dollars, which will lead to manufacturers increased production costs, in the Nexus One Google has launched mobile phone, and stick to its mobile phone operating system developed by Google Android completely free of charge, as a so far not released its own mobile phone hardware products, Microsoft is a party to insist on charging is not favorable.

Microsoft is the world's one of the most profitable software companies over the years profits were mainly concentrated in the Microsoft Windows, Office and server three major sectors, which is why Google to challenge Microsoft's core business reasons. Google released Google Docs were challenges Office, Chrome OS operating system, challenge Windows. It is reported that if nothing unexpected happens, Google will be in March this year launched a new online business software store, provide enterprise customers, including Office software, including online features, this will further stick to the invasion of Microsoft's Office business software site. There are approximately 20 million users to Google's online software services, but Microsoft Office there were 500 million paid subscribers.

In this case, Microsoft has aimed at it with Google co-partners, competitors and new Apple products - iPad, Microsoft revealed that this year will launch Apple's iPad may use Office productivity software. WindowsBU Microsoft senior product manager Mike Tedesco, said: "Yes, we are planning for the launch of several new software platform for iPad. But since Apple only recently demonstrated its iPad foreign product, so I now can not reveal our new software For more information, can only say that iPad users will be able to spend our Office software. "

Analysts believe that if the Office Login iPad platform, iPad will no doubt be even more powerful. This will attract more iPad for Apple users. Prior to Mac computers to support Windows operating system, Apple has brought on a lot of new users. The depth of cooperation between Microsoft and Apple is undoubtedly a win-win approach. Although we have not received detailed information, but Microsoft officials, this would then allow us to re-ignited in the App Store, see the Microsoft Word and Powerpoint software, hope.

Of course, also possible that Apple will refuse to Google co-operation because there is similar to Apple's own office software - Apple's iWork.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mozilla Firefox browser, released for the old security updates

Recently, for the older versions of Mozilla's Firefox browser, released five security updates. At the same time also a security company Secunia has warned users that the latest version of Firefox 3.6 may exist in a high risk security vulnerabilities.

In January of this year, Mozilla, said the company had threatened to no longer be the old version of the Firefox 3.0 browser to provide technical support, but this week 3, Mozilla's Firefox browser, or for the 3.5.8, and 3.0.18 and other versions of the old shall browser update released several patches, and said that the loopholes in the old version of the January 21 release of the latest version of Firefox 3.6 browser has been amended.

This update key for the five older browser security vulnerabilities, of which three holes have been Mozilla's marked as "critical" level. Vulnerabilities caused by these three main reasons: 1, the browser handles the process of memory error; 2, Gecko web rendering engine instability problems; three deal specifically with the Webworker part of the script file can not be normal processing of information have been posted.

Mozilla said that more than three holes can be used to intrusion by malicious software, the user's system. While the remaining two holes is slightly lower hazard level, may allow an attacker to execute malicious JavaScript code.

The version for Firefox 3.5.8 and 3.0.18 security updates apply to Windows, MacOSX, and Linux three kinds of operating systems, users can upgrade the browser built-in feature to install these security updates.

In addition, Secunia security company this week, four reported that they found a Firefox 3.6 version of a new security vulnerabilities, Mozilla is currently yet to be issued in respect of amendments to patch security vulnerabilities, Secunia warned that this vulnerability could allow an attacker to the user system implementation of the malicious code.

According to Secunia, the current installed VulnDiscoPack of Immunity's Canvas plug-in vulnerability testing software can detect this vulnerability, but VulnDiscoPack development company Intevydis no details of the vulnerability publicly, Secunia will mark the vulnerability as "high risk" level .

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Microsoft Outlook plug-in will provide social networking sites

February 18 news, Microsoft will take another step to their desktop e-mail program Outlook into Facebook and MySpace and other popular social networking Web site information center.

Beta version of Microsoft Outlook plug-in "OutlookSocialConnector" was first discussed in November last year. When the user clicks to read an e-mail messages when the main e-mail appears on the screen to read a new window will display the sender of the e-mail the latest social network activity. This event may be sent by the new Facebook status update or a new business site LinkedIn added a professional contact.

Microsoft on Wednesday (February 17) has updated its "SocialConnector" software. LinkedIn Web site for this feature has released the first of an external plug-ins.

Microsoft's record of trends in the network mixed. Microsoft's free Hotmail and WindowsLiveMessenger software applications is extensive, but, WindowsLive blog and social networking to face competition from Facebook not achieved growth. In this case, a small start-ups created an Outlook plug-in Xobni to search inbox and Facebook, LinkedIn, and other content of the site combined together.

Microsoft's software also Outlook itself as a social network. If this e-mail sender and the recipient together and research and is stored in the company's Sharepoint servers in a file, if a person log on the server you want to edit this file, both sides are able to see updates.

This software is currently not allowed people to use Outlook sends information back to LinkedIn, Facebook and other sites.

Use of Office2003, 2007 and test versions of Office2010 software, users can download from the Microsoft upgrade OutlookSocialConnector beta software, and then visit the LinkedIn web site for plug-in software.

Microsoft said that, Facebook and MySpace plug-ins ready to Office2010 sales in June, when available for download.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pocket Baidu Beta2 release

Today, Baidu Baidu officially released Beta2 version of the handheld. Baidu, according to the relevant person in charge, the new version is based on the original version of the operating practices, platform support, new features and other details be improved.

Taking into account the complicated operation of mobile browsing Web content, browse the inconvenience arising, handheld Baidu Beta2 version supports multi-tabbed browsing. To meet the users browse multiple pages at the same time, you can more conveniently be free to switch between pages. In addition, the handheld version of Baidu has also increased Beta2 download management functions.

Baidu Beta2 version of the handheld in addition to supporting WM, S60V3/V5 and S40, but also to support S60V2 platform. It is reported that supports Andriod, iPhone (mobile Internet), Blackberry handheld system, Baidu, and more will also be launched in the near future.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Microsoft next week will fix 26 Windows, Office security flaws

Microsoft says next Tuesday's regular security updates to patch 26 security vulnerabilities, including a number of serious Windows flaws, one of which can affect the 32-bit version of the core. In addition, there are several Office vulnerabilities.

The release of the 13 Express, there are five sufficient to cause remote code execution, which is rated critical. Affected systems include Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7, as well as Server 2003 and 2008, Office XP, Office 2003 and Office 2004 for Mac.

A senior communications manager for Microsoft's Security Jerry Bryant in the company blog, wrote: "Letters were associated with the Office as an important level, the representative action to meet the needs of users in order to be used (usually were lured into opening a specially crafted document.) Related to vulnerability only affect earlier versions of Office, so Office 2007 or Office 2008 for Mac this month, do not need to download updates. "

He said that the update will also patch Microsoft released two weeks ago, the core 32-bit version of Windows vulnerabilities. At the same time, the other two known issues: Week three newly exposed data leakage IE flaw, and in November last year, that is found in the document-sharing agreement Server Message Block vulnerability, this will not deal with.

Bryant wrote: "We did not find these vulnerabilities have been used to launch any attack, and to continue to encourage customers to take notice of the relaxation and contingency plans."

Thursday, February 4, 2010

England was found by magnetic resonance imaging to communicate with vegetative

Research results shocked the world

Thus researchers believe that the patient is in a "deep sleep state" can not only hear the questions, but also through the Mind "talk." Since this is the world's first scientists and "permanent vegetative state" to the success of "talk", the research results were announced, he shocked the international medical community!

Experts point out that a vegetative state, once it has had "communication skills", they will be able to "request" to ease the pain of treatment, or to end their lives ahead of their own clearly stated wishes. The research project team leader, University of Cambridge scientists in the brain, Dr. Adrian Owen, said: "When he saw that he could answer our questions, we are indeed very shocking! This is not just a simple examination or test The most important thing is the first time it provides a way to enable the patient to convey their thoughts to the outside world! Now, through this technology, and the drain can finally take the initiative through self-consciousness to choose their destiny. "

20% of the vegetable will be able to wake up?

Experts said the study results will bring a lot of dramatic changes, especially for "vegetable" consciousness classification. Prior to this, a lot of the patients who entered a vegetative state have been forced to implement the euthanasia. However, in a research report, Dr. Owen emergence to prove that 20% of the vegetative state can wake up and eventually through some therapy, but a matter of time. In fact, the vegetable of the unheard-of countries around the world wakes up when there have been reports compelling evidence that some vegetables can be treated. Experts pointed out that although the current situation, magnetic resonance imaging scans are still very expensive, but the near future, as computer applications, it will help doctors and patients to communicate to carry out appropriate treatment and medication adjustments. University of New York neurology expert, Dr. Nicholas Sixi Fu insists that: "This outcome will change everything! Especially for accurate assessment of treatment effect will have very far-reaching!"

It is learned that this major breakthrough for the "vegetable" epoch-making significance of the treatment, but also caused a fierce ethical debate, namely, how to define the criteria for suspension of vegetative life.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Apple iPhone 3Gs debut

Apple iPhone 3GS has since appeared on the market, also subject to numerous audiences like it, its pursuit of the trend of users are also very concerned about the aircraft not only the continuation of their Apple iPhone mobile phone style, but a lot of specific features to improve the current The arrival of mobile phones has been available Yantai sharp electronic hearing, and interested friends may concern the next.

Appearance, the Apple iPhone 3GS than Apple's iPhone 3G to run faster. This appearance on Apple's iPhone 3G mobile phones and ascendants almost no great difference, is still used is a 3.5-inch resolution of 480 × 320 pixel screen, which supports multi-touch screen, operation feel good. It has a built a 3 million pixel camera with auto-focus and spot touch-focus and can basically meet the users are normal daily photography needs.

Performance, Apple iPhone 3GS added a stain-resistant coatings, not only to avoid the generation of fingerprints in the use of the process do not have to worry about the damage caused on the screen. In addition, the new compass feature, image processor and copy / paste functions, but also for users to use the process provided a lot of convenience.

Functions, Apple iPhone 3GS overall operation two times faster than before the upgrade, which view the Excellent Documentation 3.6 times faster. In addition this new iPhone 3GS provides OpenGL ES 2.0 support, HSDPA up to 7.2M / s support, of course, stars a new 3 million pixel auto-focus camera, and Apple's 3.0 also supports the touch-focus function, you simply click on the screen, or a few points, we can focus shooting.

The phone is already a household name in the market had, and every year there are new product launches. In the latest year listed iPhone3GS has two times faster than the previous generation, more than the characteristics of speed, users will actually use a faster experience.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

British Telecom for the O2 combined mobile and fixed-core network

While Telefonica's O2 has decided to enter the UK fixed market, starting in March to provide home phone services in direct competition with the old owner BT. But business is owned by the business relatively late to enter the field of fixed-line broadband, O2 is also not possible to position itself into a major cable operators, the two sides still have great room for cooperation.

British Telecom and O2 announced the signing of a five-year managed services contract, during which its subsidiary, BT Wholesale will use the BT 21CN platform, will be O2 in the UK mobile and fixed-core network into a network.

With data services becoming increasingly common in mobile networks, the user traffic demand continues to increase in the provision of a high standard of services, a high-performance, flexible core network are essential.

British Telecom to provide a wholesale company O2 will push a series of next-generation communication services platform with high reliability, high quality to meet the needs of its users, and to help O2 to reduce capital expenditure.

The announcement deepened the relationship between the two companies, after BT Wholesale for the O2 already provide a range of services, including mobile core network management services and fixed-line broadband services network management services.

O2 head of the British network Nigel Purdy noted that with the O2 into the full-IP world and the increase in data traffic will merge fixed and mobile core network is rational. Which will make its operations do not become obsolete, and provide users with the best possible network.

He said that BT Wholesale is the UK O2 trusted partner chose it mainly based on its experience in the management of services.

"Our industry is experiencing from products to value-added management services for a major evolution of the latest agreement with O2 is BT Wholesale's standing in the forefront of the evolution of the industry another example." BT Wholesale, Marketing, General Manager Brian Fitzpatrick pointed out that as operators want to focus on the user, while the stability of its operating and investment costs, network outsourcing to them, is ongoing.

It is understood that, O2, formerly a subsidiary of British Telecom Mobile BT Wireless, in 2001, split out by British Telecom. In 2006, for Spain to spend 17.7 billion pounds acquisition of telecommunications. In order to count the number of users, O2 is already the UK's largest operator.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing services start charging in February 1st

According to InformationWeek reported that after a month a free public beta for potential users of the service experience and understanding of the service fee model, Microsoft started from February 1 to the Windows Azure cloud computing service charges.

Microsoft will offer two basic pricing models: a "consumer" choose to let users pay for the actual use of resources; the other a kind of "periodic payments" option, in accordance with the use of 6-month contract to provide discount prices.

According to processors and other resources, each virtualized Windows servers using the cost per hour of 12 to 96 cents a share, in addition, coupled with a monthly per GB storage capacity is 15 cents for every 1 million handling charges of 1 cent. By contrast, Microsoft SQL Server 1GB web-based database using the cost is 9.99 cents per month.

Azure cloud computing services for Microsoft and customers is a new business model has not been proven. Developers and other IT professionals need to ensure that Azure cloud computing services and in its own data centers to run the same Windows server, reliable, secure, and cost quite. Microsoft will provide a total cost of ownership and return on investment calculator to help with the cost comparison. However, Microsoft does not guarantee that these tools provide results.