Thursday, February 18, 2010

Microsoft Outlook plug-in will provide social networking sites

February 18 news, Microsoft will take another step to their desktop e-mail program Outlook into Facebook and MySpace and other popular social networking Web site information center.

Beta version of Microsoft Outlook plug-in "OutlookSocialConnector" was first discussed in November last year. When the user clicks to read an e-mail messages when the main e-mail appears on the screen to read a new window will display the sender of the e-mail the latest social network activity. This event may be sent by the new Facebook status update or a new business site LinkedIn added a professional contact.

Microsoft on Wednesday (February 17) has updated its "SocialConnector" software. LinkedIn Web site for this feature has released the first of an external plug-ins.

Microsoft's record of trends in the network mixed. Microsoft's free Hotmail and WindowsLiveMessenger software applications is extensive, but, WindowsLive blog and social networking to face competition from Facebook not achieved growth. In this case, a small start-ups created an Outlook plug-in Xobni to search inbox and Facebook, LinkedIn, and other content of the site combined together.

Microsoft's software also Outlook itself as a social network. If this e-mail sender and the recipient together and research and is stored in the company's Sharepoint servers in a file, if a person log on the server you want to edit this file, both sides are able to see updates.

This software is currently not allowed people to use Outlook sends information back to LinkedIn, Facebook and other sites.

Use of Office2003, 2007 and test versions of Office2010 software, users can download from the Microsoft upgrade OutlookSocialConnector beta software, and then visit the LinkedIn web site for plug-in software.

Microsoft said that, Facebook and MySpace plug-ins ready to Office2010 sales in June, when available for download.

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