Sunday, February 21, 2010

Google executives: Buzz not do Facebook or Twitter Terminator

Google Buzz project manager responsible for product management affairs, Bradley Horowitz, vice president, said Google intended to challenge Buzz is not Facebook or Twitter, but as these social networking services, a unique complement.

Horowitz also said the service he was excited about the growth rate. He said, Buzz feature has prompted many users will be compared with Facebook and Twitter, Facebook and Twitter, but Buzz is not the Terminator, but an interesting network of communication.

Google launched on February 9 of the social service Buzz. Through this service, users can Google Gmail e-mail service, to share with others all kinds of information (images, web links and other content), while information on the activities automatically loads friends, and for the user automatically create a corresponding mailing list.

In addition, Google Buzz also allows users to publish their own information on the activities updated to allow other friends kept informed of their current location. In this way, Google Gmail can be played in the formation of a strong social network. In the service launched in the first week, 176 million will have tens of millions of Gmail users who have created more than 9 million comments and messages, as well as a number of mobile phone users Buzz mobile applications to 200 messages per minute, the speed of constant postings.

Horowitz interview, said: "Users are as we had hoped and expected use of Buzz services. This is not just publish the state and online attendance. The service is built around an interesting topic in an interactive way, but also directly to the right audience. I think this is a unique value proposition Buzz. received positive feedback from my point of view, the user mode of communication that Buzz is very, very powerful, very high quality audience. "

Horowitz also said: "Buzz is definitely not Facebook or Twitter Terminator, but rather is intended to create a new exchange type. This business has filled a gap in a specific market demand. But Buzz just launched more than a week, it is difficult to create a trend, but I think it's interesting to bring a unique experience. "

At present the user only in the Buzz on Twitter to post their published remarks. Horowitz said that Buzz Google does hope that one day can become the most open market, the social services. He said: "We now have nothing to say, but will continue to develop application programming interface (API), want to play cause its the industry's most open, most integration and the best social network."

While the Buzz just released less than two weeks, but already facing a serious problem, because the business user's contact exposed to the other Buzz users, but also in the privacy control, inadequate protection. Horowitz said that this situation is not previously anticipated.

The U.S. Electronic Privacy Information Center has submitted to the Federal Trade Commission complaint, accusing the Buzz failed to protect user privacy. A woman but also because the same reason put forward to the Buzz class action lawsuits. To alleviate this embarrassing situation, in the privacy aspects of Google has made a number of adjustments, including Buzz and Google Reader and Google Picasa service disconnect.

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