Tuesday, February 2, 2010

British Telecom for the O2 combined mobile and fixed-core network

While Telefonica's O2 has decided to enter the UK fixed market, starting in March to provide home phone services in direct competition with the old owner BT. But business is owned by the business relatively late to enter the field of fixed-line broadband, O2 is also not possible to position itself into a major cable operators, the two sides still have great room for cooperation.

British Telecom and O2 announced the signing of a five-year managed services contract, during which its subsidiary, BT Wholesale will use the BT 21CN platform, will be O2 in the UK mobile and fixed-core network into a network.

With data services becoming increasingly common in mobile networks, the user traffic demand continues to increase in the provision of a high standard of services, a high-performance, flexible core network are essential.

British Telecom to provide a wholesale company O2 will push a series of next-generation communication services platform with high reliability, high quality to meet the needs of its users, and to help O2 to reduce capital expenditure.

The announcement deepened the relationship between the two companies, after BT Wholesale for the O2 already provide a range of services, including mobile core network management services and fixed-line broadband services network management services.

O2 head of the British network Nigel Purdy noted that with the O2 into the full-IP world and the increase in data traffic will merge fixed and mobile core network is rational. Which will make its operations do not become obsolete, and provide users with the best possible network.

He said that BT Wholesale is the UK O2 trusted partner chose it mainly based on its experience in the management of services.

"Our industry is experiencing from products to value-added management services for a major evolution of the latest agreement with O2 is BT Wholesale's standing in the forefront of the evolution of the industry another example." BT Wholesale, Marketing, General Manager Brian Fitzpatrick pointed out that as operators want to focus on the user, while the stability of its operating and investment costs, network outsourcing to them, is ongoing.

It is understood that, O2, formerly a subsidiary of British Telecom Mobile BT Wireless, in 2001, split out by British Telecom. In 2006, for Spain to spend 17.7 billion pounds acquisition of telecommunications. In order to count the number of users, O2 is already the UK's largest operator.

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