Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Apple iPhone 3Gs debut

Apple iPhone 3GS has since appeared on the market, also subject to numerous audiences like it, its pursuit of the trend of users are also very concerned about the aircraft not only the continuation of their Apple iPhone mobile phone style, but a lot of specific features to improve the current The arrival of mobile phones has been available Yantai sharp electronic hearing, and interested friends may concern the next.

Appearance, the Apple iPhone 3GS than Apple's iPhone 3G to run faster. This appearance on Apple's iPhone 3G mobile phones and ascendants almost no great difference, is still used is a 3.5-inch resolution of 480 × 320 pixel screen, which supports multi-touch screen, operation feel good. It has a built a 3 million pixel camera with auto-focus and spot touch-focus and can basically meet the users are normal daily photography needs.

Performance, Apple iPhone 3GS added a stain-resistant coatings, not only to avoid the generation of fingerprints in the use of the process do not have to worry about the damage caused on the screen. In addition, the new compass feature, image processor and copy / paste functions, but also for users to use the process provided a lot of convenience.

Functions, Apple iPhone 3GS overall operation two times faster than before the upgrade, which view the Excellent Documentation 3.6 times faster. In addition this new iPhone 3GS provides OpenGL ES 2.0 support, HSDPA up to 7.2M / s support, of course, stars a new 3 million pixel auto-focus camera, and Apple's 3.0 also supports the touch-focus function, you simply click on the screen, or a few points, we can focus shooting.

The phone is already a household name in the market had, and every year there are new product launches. In the latest year listed iPhone3GS has two times faster than the previous generation, more than the characteristics of speed, users will actually use a faster experience.

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