Monday, February 1, 2010

Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing services start charging in February 1st

According to InformationWeek reported that after a month a free public beta for potential users of the service experience and understanding of the service fee model, Microsoft started from February 1 to the Windows Azure cloud computing service charges.

Microsoft will offer two basic pricing models: a "consumer" choose to let users pay for the actual use of resources; the other a kind of "periodic payments" option, in accordance with the use of 6-month contract to provide discount prices.

According to processors and other resources, each virtualized Windows servers using the cost per hour of 12 to 96 cents a share, in addition, coupled with a monthly per GB storage capacity is 15 cents for every 1 million handling charges of 1 cent. By contrast, Microsoft SQL Server 1GB web-based database using the cost is 9.99 cents per month.

Azure cloud computing services for Microsoft and customers is a new business model has not been proven. Developers and other IT professionals need to ensure that Azure cloud computing services and in its own data centers to run the same Windows server, reliable, secure, and cost quite. Microsoft will provide a total cost of ownership and return on investment calculator to help with the cost comparison. However, Microsoft does not guarantee that these tools provide results.

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