Thursday, February 4, 2010

England was found by magnetic resonance imaging to communicate with vegetative

Research results shocked the world

Thus researchers believe that the patient is in a "deep sleep state" can not only hear the questions, but also through the Mind "talk." Since this is the world's first scientists and "permanent vegetative state" to the success of "talk", the research results were announced, he shocked the international medical community!

Experts point out that a vegetative state, once it has had "communication skills", they will be able to "request" to ease the pain of treatment, or to end their lives ahead of their own clearly stated wishes. The research project team leader, University of Cambridge scientists in the brain, Dr. Adrian Owen, said: "When he saw that he could answer our questions, we are indeed very shocking! This is not just a simple examination or test The most important thing is the first time it provides a way to enable the patient to convey their thoughts to the outside world! Now, through this technology, and the drain can finally take the initiative through self-consciousness to choose their destiny. "

20% of the vegetable will be able to wake up?

Experts said the study results will bring a lot of dramatic changes, especially for "vegetable" consciousness classification. Prior to this, a lot of the patients who entered a vegetative state have been forced to implement the euthanasia. However, in a research report, Dr. Owen emergence to prove that 20% of the vegetative state can wake up and eventually through some therapy, but a matter of time. In fact, the vegetable of the unheard-of countries around the world wakes up when there have been reports compelling evidence that some vegetables can be treated. Experts pointed out that although the current situation, magnetic resonance imaging scans are still very expensive, but the near future, as computer applications, it will help doctors and patients to communicate to carry out appropriate treatment and medication adjustments. University of New York neurology expert, Dr. Nicholas Sixi Fu insists that: "This outcome will change everything! Especially for accurate assessment of treatment effect will have very far-reaching!"

It is learned that this major breakthrough for the "vegetable" epoch-making significance of the treatment, but also caused a fierce ethical debate, namely, how to define the criteria for suspension of vegetative life.

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