Thursday, February 25, 2010

Twitter users jumped 20-fold plan abandoned MySQL

Twitter's an engineer named Ryan King has revealed to the blog MyNoSQL, the company plans to migrate to Cassandra from the MySQL database, because the latter has a greater flexibility, scalability, and a lot of social networking open-source developers.

"We have a lot of data, the data huge growth is accelerating, we need a system that can be more automated, and highly reliable and available." Ryan King said.

Data show that in 2009 years, Twitter users in January from about 200 million people a day, surged in December to nearly 50 million people a day. The number of users per day landing Twitter growth has more than 20 times.

In fact, skilled programmers, the so-called NoSQL database can improve performance and scalability, which makes them attractive to consumers of the network world.

Such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as the original Web 2.0 darling - Digg, is also a database from the MySQL database migration to Cassandra.

Ryan King of the trial was found, Cassandra database than MySQL is more scalable, reliable and easier to manage.

"The information with all the tweets and retweets up a platform to move to Cassandra, it is Twitter's current priorities." Ryan King said. "After that, we will begin some new projects to move to Cassandra or other platform."

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