Saturday, February 20, 2010

Microsoft Mobile Internet sector has been pressed Google

With the development of networks, mobile Internet is becoming the trend of the future network development. Latest research report that with the growing 3G network construction and investment continued into the sound, the global market by 2010, mobile Internet will become increasingly fierce competition in the industry, the new vendors to join the growing chain makes perfect. In order to seize opportunities, as a global IT giant Microsoft, Google and its competitors, the recent fighting in this area may break out.

A typical representative of the mobile Internet field - the field of mobile phone operating system. Microsoft said they will be charged Windows Phone 7 Series mobile phone operating system software, a small fee, but it did not disclose all the details of the operating system, but declared that license fee is not just limited to the system itself, built-in applications such as Word, Excel and other software as maintenance costs were included. While Microsoft has never officially announced that sales volume, before the release Ballmer did not mention that it will not be free.

Analysts predicted that Microsoft's mobile operating system on each mobile phone license cost about 8-15 dollars, which will lead to manufacturers increased production costs, in the Nexus One Google has launched mobile phone, and stick to its mobile phone operating system developed by Google Android completely free of charge, as a so far not released its own mobile phone hardware products, Microsoft is a party to insist on charging is not favorable.

Microsoft is the world's one of the most profitable software companies over the years profits were mainly concentrated in the Microsoft Windows, Office and server three major sectors, which is why Google to challenge Microsoft's core business reasons. Google released Google Docs were challenges Office, Chrome OS operating system, challenge Windows. It is reported that if nothing unexpected happens, Google will be in March this year launched a new online business software store, provide enterprise customers, including Office software, including online features, this will further stick to the invasion of Microsoft's Office business software site. There are approximately 20 million users to Google's online software services, but Microsoft Office there were 500 million paid subscribers.

In this case, Microsoft has aimed at it with Google co-partners, competitors and new Apple products - iPad, Microsoft revealed that this year will launch Apple's iPad may use Office productivity software. WindowsBU Microsoft senior product manager Mike Tedesco, said: "Yes, we are planning for the launch of several new software platform for iPad. But since Apple only recently demonstrated its iPad foreign product, so I now can not reveal our new software For more information, can only say that iPad users will be able to spend our Office software. "

Analysts believe that if the Office Login iPad platform, iPad will no doubt be even more powerful. This will attract more iPad for Apple users. Prior to Mac computers to support Windows operating system, Apple has brought on a lot of new users. The depth of cooperation between Microsoft and Apple is undoubtedly a win-win approach. Although we have not received detailed information, but Microsoft officials, this would then allow us to re-ignited in the App Store, see the Microsoft Word and Powerpoint software, hope.

Of course, also possible that Apple will refuse to Google co-operation because there is similar to Apple's own office software - Apple's iWork.

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