Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is Google out?

January 12, 2010, Google Senior Vice President and General Counsel David. Multi-Ahmed in the company's official blog, issued the decision, claiming that Google's Chinese search site to be shut down (, and may close the office in China.
As to the reasons for withdrawal, Google said the first song was a network attack, and second, the search results review mechanism.
Google China to issue the message: "We are Google's achievements in China, be proud of. Now look at this decision, hoping to find a solution." But it is clear that this is a statement ambiguous statement.
Is Google really should hand over rival Baidu in China? Currently, Google search engine market share in China, more than 30% of the share, Baidu, compared with 60%. The news on the second day of the Nasdaq Stock Market trading, Baidu closed at 439.48 U.S. dollars, rose 13.71%. Interestingly, Baidu CEO Robin Li 4 years ago, "2006 Business Inspiration Forum" had predicted that five years later (ie 2011) it is difficult to see in China's Google.
Unfortunately, much of those. 56 Wang Jianjun, CEO was a senior vice president of Sohu Sogou founder, his deep understanding of the search industry: "Google in technological innovation, business models, etc., are worth studying Chinese Internet companies. Google to enter China, and close to help China has trained Internet professionals. Google If you quit, the search is obviously unfavorable development of the industry, only competition that we can promote better development of the Internet industry. "
Internet Lab CEO LIU Xing-liang (blog) is not without emotion, said, "Google out of China is the N defeated harms."
Google, once out of China, the search industry, from a competitive point of view, of course is a good thing, fewer strong competitors. But in the long run, the entire industry innovation, the development will be affected.

Google the best out of, not only because it is the world's largest Internet companies, more critical, it is the world's most innovative, the most of technological advances on behalf of Internet companies. Google's technological innovations, and even Microsoft are afraid. Because of the existence of Google makes other search technology to Google in line virtually pushed forward technological progress of China's Internet. If it is left, innovation will disappear, and weakened, the Internet has brought huge losses to China.
"Google is the representative of the global Internet, and its technological innovation, influence, and company size, has become the representative of the global Internet. A representative If enterprises can not survive, very sad." Internet observers, five quarters consulting partner Bo (blog) said.
From a competitive point of view, two-horse race, the relative is also showing a balanced situation. However, if the exit Google, Baidu an overwhelming majority, of the industry competition, innovation, user experience, for advertisers, obviously not a good thing.
"I want Google to leave China, competing companies can continue to focus on technological progress and innovation. I am worried that, after the technical level of competition show is not open, we all play marketing, billboards, there is no benefit to users" are looking Consulting CEO Lubbe hope not without worries.
Further, in this "flat world" where Google's departure, and even on the Chinese economy will have some impact. Google is a multinational company for the world, to promote Chinese enterprises to succeed in the world, in addition to Google, any domestic Internet companies can not be replaced. If we had no Google, Alibaba in the global promotion was almost impossible. Its existence, the Chinese economy, especially in export-oriented enterprises is very important.
Reporter contacted the head of Hainan, a travel company, he has worked in Baidu, Google has done to promote. He said, "Right now I am doing promotion on Google, Google out of me, of course, affect the tourism industry, many people use Google, Google really out, influenced me so much, and you do not put advertising business must stagnated. "
However, Google's CEO Eric Schmidt on January 15, said: "We can continue to negotiate with the Chinese government, to reach agreement to stay in the Chinese market later."
What is a game with the Chinese government, "Jia Xi" or bent out of the "really do"? Perhaps the fact that no way we can see, it is alleged, in fact, Google last year, he started to withdraw from the Chinese market should be seriously considered.
In fact, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce on January 15 said that Google has not yet received the withdrawal of investment in China, or the withdrawal of the Chinese market report.

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