Friday, October 16, 2009

NIKE SHOX VC I This is the first pairs

NIKE SHOX BB4 Canada flight after NIKE Humanities Carter signed the first pair of shoes to wear, it can be said to Carter for the NIKE endorsement of the first pair of shoes. These are precisely the pairs of shoes so that the real Jimmy Carter in NBA history flying up on stage, so that Carter has finally become a real super-hot star; is also a dream team in the Olympic Games on behalf of Carter's opponents jump dunk center of the scene, so that NIKE SHOX from people in the eyes of question marks into exclamation points, but also to make NIKE SHOX athletic shoes became a well known top-level technology. Carter was no comparable jumping ability, his extremely high-handed dunk, and was about to NIKE's latest SHOX technology is simply perfect match, NIKE is precisely because the eyes on Carter's what has been called Canada's Flying characteristics nike shoes wholesale, so Carter finally agreed to spend huge sums of money on behalf of the original delivery and PUMA's breach of contract fee, can be said that Carter and BB4 relationship between the achievements of each other each other, but also the pinnacle of glory together.

That SHOX think of BB4, said Air Canada thought BB4 on Carter, but Carter said it will definitely not forget the classic NIKE VC series of basketball shoes. NBA beginning of each new season, new basketball shoes at all times when the listing, and this year did not see the desired pair of NIKE VC 6, appeared in front of people is a pair of Jimmy Carter with a personal signature LOGO called NIKE SHOX LEAPERS basketball shoes. The beginning of this season, Carter is still wearing the old section of the VC5 expedition in the field, but also in more and more brave, they may be right this year did not give him a continuation of the sixth generation of signature shoes, and put personal agency to protest it, or waiting for a miracle VC6 can bar-like appearance. Although Carter himself did not at the NBA arena wearing LEAPERS, but still there is a deduction will be wearing the shoes for him, flying in the arena, he is known as the small Pippen's Andre Iguodala of the 76ers, Carter did the same with a well-known player to dunk, and he and Carter also has a height of 1 meter 98, also has a well-developed muscles, also has a glamorous dunk, perhaps he was wearing a pair of LEAPERS that he will be Carter's successor.

Carter was hailed as the year Michael Jordan's successor, although Michael Carter, and to achieve a high degree of His Majesty made as a brilliant achievement, but at least he has his own personal signature basketball shoes agency; do not know whether Andre Iguodala as Carter's successor, Jimmy Carter might be able to go beyond success nike shoes wholesale in is also something that we can see, at least Iguodala was still young and have plenty of time, some capital, but Carter is about to enter 30-year-old, is slowly growing old ... ...

In fact, calculate from the Carter's first dual-BB4 to wear this season, should wear the LEAPERS had seven years, during which NIKE Carter has turned out a total of five pairs of individual agency signature basketball shoe, now let us look at this past 5 Double VC basketball shoes.

NIKE SHOX VC I This is the first pairs of NIKE Carter designed for the individual agency signature basketball shoes, NIKE is the first-ever queen palm SHOX basketball shoes, but the distribution around the palm of the SHOX relatively independent, so more accurately be said to be around the palm SHOX, It pairs regardless of scientific and technological content and exterior design are the most avant-garde nike dunks, from within the body inside the shoe boots use, shoes, monkey claw support the use of the body, to the shoe laces of the package body hidden layer of the external use, especially through the package If the hidden layer to see if the remarkable monkey claw marks that have made the full VC 1 cool fresh in NBA history, known as the dark season has shrunk to become the biggest bright spot, VC1 has also become a classic choice for VC series.

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