Thursday, October 15, 2009

The aircraft is currently in the business of digital IQ

On the screen is 2.44 inches with a resolution HVGA level (480x320 pixels) screen, which the BlackBerry increase a level of resolution. Exquisite level of quality or whether it is bright colors are very satisfactory level. BlackBerry 9630 is equipped with a 3.2 million pixel camera, with auto-focus, shooting results fully able to meet the daily needs. Also broke the people in the past BlackBerry cell phone camera right stretched the image.

Blackberry cases 9630 supports GSM, UMTS / HSDPA, 1x EV-DO network, but only one card slot can be placed on GSM or UMTS mobile phone cards. 1400 milliamperes battery power are adopted to support 14 days of standby time and 300 minutes of talk time. Body memory 256MB SD-card expansion up to 16GB blackberry cases.

BlackBerry cases on the back of the design are often more rigid, but the BlackBerry 9630 specifically to join the middle part of the slash texture, also saw a solid metal frame design. Blackberry cases 9630 targeted at high-end smart phone users groups, the most mainstream expression of its high-performance 624MHz processor, processing speed, upgrade the 2.44 screen and 3.2 million pixel camera models are the BlackBerry in the past can not be compared. Interested friends can go to business office experience for some.

Blackberry cases 9630 or the continuation of design style BlackBerry consistent style, all-black body design of the front BlackBerry cases of LOGO is also very eye-catching. Button style, a little bit biased in favor of 9000, there is no gap between the keys, one per line button to called "guitar frets" of metal wire spacing. As an early adopter full QWERTY keyboard smart phone, BlackBerry 9630 keyboard also has a good feel.

BlackBerry 9630 models, as the recent new listings, appearance, or continuation of previous BlackBerry's design style, performance, mainstream 624MHz processor, as well as HVGA-level display is also very good. The aircraft is currently in the business of digital IQ latest offer for 3199 yuan, compared with no small drop blackberry cases in another listing.

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