Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Maybe she'll buy followed COACH handbag

Hong Kong emerged a variety of brand-name stores line shopping phenomenon, there is a reason is that it is often the case off to play seven replica handbags wholesale, or even during the Christmas holidays, a number of large department stores in order to promote, there will be a luxury brand hit five off situation. This may be the second step is the cost of signs of a competitive brand, the homogenization of the close melee - a price war.

Kelly went to Europe travel, pointing through the industry to come to BottegaVeneta (BV) the headquarters of Italy's flagship coach handbags store, fancy a weaving, styling and design are exquisite handbags, and the price is only half of the domestic price, buy down is extremely cost-effective. However, after thinking a long time, she gave up and purchased the LV. Kelly explained that, BV is indeed good, but to buy back, others are not aware of the value or the LV.

This is the LV's blessing, but it also concealed the LV were unfortunate. This is LV's brand loyalty do? No, this is a luxury brand can bring a "rich, respectable," the spread of symbols loyalty. This is reflected in the brand loyalty, it is a negative value. Luxury brands have trouble is: too much emphasis on their sense of identity for the luxury brand into the consumer mind homogenization.

It might save one month's salary to buy a LV wallet, but when choosing handbags may consider other brands.

"Maybe she'll buy followed COACH handbag." Prada Asia Pacific chief executive officer SebastianSuhl said that in China, the brand is not loyal customers. Consumers always are wavering between the different brands, today appeared in Prada, tomorrow, in LV, the day after tomorrow there will not know where it is.

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