Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Holmes regular season against the Washington Nationals the last race

Holmes regular season against the Washington Nationals the last race, 8 Board scoreless and soared up 13 strikeouts, current situation just has the ball commentary said: "Last year, Holmes had a great bid, but watched the game After that, I do not know will not see Holmes better than this. His changeup is the most difficult league to play in today's changeup. "Holmes this year did not surpass the Rocky out, strange pitch Phillies will be a big advantage,

Not far from both cow performance, Rocky entire season the number of successful rescue of 39, Philadelphia 42, but the Phillies in May was transferred to Terminator Myers (Brett Myers) in 24 relief opportunities in win 21 rescue points, can be said is of great benefit to the Phillies.

The two sides of the fight against performance only "same" can be described. Rocky rate of 2 percent against the team of 80, Philadelphia 74, who is 2 percent; Rocky get 860 points the entire season, the Phillies won the National League is the highest of 892 points; Phillies team stolen bases in 138, there were 100 Rocky ; Phillies beat rate of 4 percent long-58, Rocky and 4 into 37. Rocky array in the National League hit RBI double winners Harold Day (Matt Holliday), the Phillies have home runs, RBI double runner-up Howard (Ryan Howard), both comparable attack. If both pitchers authority on good ground, this series will no doubt become firepower display fireworks.

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