Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Character Portraits Anonymous Girl

17 said: anonymous girl
Period: 1883
Creator: I.N. Klum Skoda by Russia
Specification: 77.5cm × 99cm
Materials: fabric paint
Keep possession Office: Moscow Museum of Art
This is a considerable aesthetic value of the character portraits, the artist with consummate skill to show the object ethos. Unknown girl in the painting but arrogant self-esteem, she dressed in Russian high society luxury clothing, luxury convertible sitting in the carriage, the background is the famous St. Petersburg's Alexander Theatre. Is "Unknown Girl" who is still a mystery,. In the portrait painter to create a new performance style, which uses the plot to describe the theme of portraits, showing a resolute, decisive, full of thoughts, exudes youthful knowledge of the Russian image of women.

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