Sunday, September 4, 2011

Homer and Maintenance Gill's Poems

Thought-provoking, the "Gleaners" why can produce such a shock? Miller, an arts advocate Julian Kasitanai described in this painting was: "Modern artists believe that a beggar does in broad daylight than sitting on the throne of the king but also the United States; ... ... when the owner full distance wheat groaning under the weight of the cart, I see three peasant woman bending over the fields being harvested off the ear to pick up, than to see a more painful martyrdom of saints to grasp my heart. painting painting, people have a terrible anxiety. It's not like some of Courbet's painting, as a passionate political speech or social thesis, which is a work of art, very beautiful and simple, independent of the talk outside it's theme is very moving and accurate; but the painting was so candid, it high out of the general debate on political parties, eliminating the need to lie, and without the use of hyperbole, it showed that true and great natural chapter, like Homer and maintenance Gill's poems. "

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