Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Total Chapman The campaign only eight balls

Chapman brought the Cyclones, coaches and teammates felt, Terminator Ke Deluo (Francisco Cordero) said, "before he pitches, the fans have been called A Chapman! Chapman!』 Is great This is a beautiful night. "coach Baker (Dusty Baker) said," Oh! good debut board, people are quite looking forward to, they get what they want. "

The 22-year-old, wearing jersey No. 54, Chapman how think? He said, "This is of great significance to me, here called up not only the pitch, but also the performance in the playoffs, I feel quite good future will continue to follow the team to go one day to win everything." Gang up would not nervous? The teenager said, "Of course, I'm so nervous ah!"

Total Chapman The campaign only eight balls, and only one bad ball, according to Major League official website of Statistics, 4 speed of the ball for more than 100, but there are two goals to reach 103 miles. Point has been criticized in the past has been the problem, this war does not emerge; use the ball kind of change is not much, cut the 1 ball and slider, has close to 140 km level.

Seems to be little to check the birth of his face, Reds out in paragraph 1 minute after the race tension difference, first won in 1 minute 5 Board 6 Board And while the Brewers next start Gula Duo (Yovani Gallardo) position large disorder, with 2 hits and 2 walks and then the next three points, from 5 to 3 ratio of the original number of pull is 8 to 3, the final 4 minutes difference for income. At present pulled Reds and Cardinals margin of victory of 7 games, has reached a safe distance.

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