Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rays pitcher Niemann (Jeff Niemann) starting 5.2 Bureau

Rays pitcher Niemann (Jeff Niemann) starting 5.2 Bureau, was knocked seven hits, investment 4K, 1BB, lost 3 points, responsible for loss of 3 points, scored 11 wins this season; patron Shohreh Anno (Rafael Soriano ) played in nine innings closed, and cast a 1K, 1BB, not lose points, scored the first 44 games this season a successful rescue, but also write down the Rays the most successful rescue team single-season history of the new record.

Mariners first pitcher Vargas (Jason Vargas) 4.1 Investment Board, gave up six hits, investment 2K, 4BB, lost 5 points, all are responsible for lost points, to swallow the first 12 games this season lost to vote.

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