Sunday, August 29, 2010

Under 8 "ball of fire man" out of a small state

Under 8 "ball of fire man" out of a small state, one was knocked out hit after another wild pitch, but fortunately he was stabilized in time, first strikeout Baixinsiji (AJ Pierzynski), to face Ramirez crazy destroy throttle, No. 1 ball on the 99 miles, 3 balls more to 100 miles, it almost cut into the strike zone, the final 99 miles with a ball he hit a ground ball to the batter out, 1.1 Bureau of scoreless, ERA dropped to 4.89 .

Chamberlain 2007, Major League ball when it is known for ultra-investment and over 97 miles of ball speed like the day, Wang was a guard and quickly became famous victory, but the ball is transferred to start the ball prestige as before, again this season back bullpen pitcher position, the problem still has been derived from the discussion, and now once again the ball speed had risen to 100 miles, which shows that by the end of July after the proper adjustments for their own gain more playing opportunities.

Recent U.S. and Japanese pitcher as if putting on a "speed ball race", the Japanese pro baseball team Yakult pitcher 20-year-old Sato, 26, soared by the rules refresh local players out of the record 161 km, 28 turn to the performance of American baseball, Reds lefty Chapman (Aroldis Chapman) almost impossible to vote out of 105 miles (169 km) fastball, Chamberlain joined the war situation now, 100 miles, though not of Chapman, still cause "Bronx Baseball Daily" Web site that, also pull out of this event in particular.

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