Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hiromitsu Ochiai a high status in the Japanese professional baseball

Yi Nuokui III, President of the Philippines after the incident the bus hostage tragedy repeated smile severely punitive expedition, the 25th for his smile Huanjia said represent "anger" can not give the world to accept that a person angry how could smile? This argument left Taiwan at the Sino-Japanese cast Chenwei Yan Lung's coach Hiromitsu Ochiai who seems to receive evidence, whenever he reveal strange smile, do not ban referees, players and opponents shudder, events may be triggered at any moment!

Hiromitsu Ochiai a high status in the Japanese professional baseball, but his maverick style but with a conservative Congress and the nation out of tune. YouTube has put his fans in a giant explosion during the series angry, most are dissatisfied with body contact with the referee ruling the ball, sometimes he really angry right, but they also reveal a blur of strange smile, people touched his heart in the end in mind.

Retired as a coach, Hiromitsu Ochiai still "does not change his mind," as long as he feels wrong place, the trial must come out to protest, but at the same time and talk to each other, not forgetting to take his scary smile. On October 11 last year, and Yakult war, he is out of bounds for the ball in the end, or a home run and the referee controversy, and finally anger recall all the Japanese players lounge, lips are still slightly higher, so the fans have to say "I really could not guess you ah!"

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