Friday, August 13, 2010

Ge Saji professional baseball career from 1972 to 1994

Former Yankees Terminator Ge Saji (Rich Gossage) 9 degrees Challenge Hall of Fame, this time have the opportunity to realize their dreams.

Ge Saji professional baseball career from 1972 to 1994, played baseball for 22 years, accumulated 124 career wins 107 lost an average of 3.10 ERA, won a total of 310 successful rescue (ranked 17th in major league history), his career total played nine teams to stay in the Yankees seven years (1978-83, 89 years) the longest won a total of 151 times during the successful rescue, among the most notable.

Two years ago, Souter (Bruce Sutter ,1976-88) became the first celebrity to enter the relief pitcher, he was just 12 years, won 300 times on the successful rescue, relief pitcher for the position also been affirmed. The Ge Saji a good chance to follow the footsteps of David Souter, successful step Niuyuekubo City

Ge Saji last year by 71.2% of the vote, differing only 21 tickets will be Hall of Famer, his persistent efforts this year, hope that strong, but the same players have been optimistic about the Red Sox star Rice (Jim Rice) and dare fighting spirit of the highly regarded Dawson (Andre Dawson).

Rice in the Red Sox playing varsity ball for 16 years until he retired last year was 63.5% of the vote, ranked fourth, while the Alliance has 21 years seniority Dawson received 56.7% of the votes, ranking fifth, pity and Ge Saji Like, none of votes across the 75% threshold, while last year, only "Iron Man" small Ruipu Ken (Carl Ripken Jr.), "hit making machine" Ge Wen (Tony Gwynn) and Ge Saji challenges successfully, a Hall of Fame part.

Ge Saji is able to pass the test? 2008 Hall of Fame balloting will be the time the United States announced on January 8, about 600 members of the United States Baseball Writers Association will vote, will be the high-profile international situation.

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