Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Japanese professional baseball to "delicate" known

No more than 150 km of ball, and no fellow pine (soil reaction) Daisuke fascinating "magic ball" for weapons, relying on a strange pitching motion, Hideki Okajima is still in the Red Sox break a new day.

Fought in the first year of the Alliance, Hideki Okajima Red Sox captured by strength coach Falankena (Terry Francona) of the heart, rookie season, starting from the bullpen, to pay out 3 wins and 2 losses 5 rescue transcripts, ERA only 2.22, compared to the same duties and went to the Yankees from the development of Japan left Tou Jing Chuan Ching, Okajima that even without the star aura, stand firm in the Alliance is not out of reach.

For nearly 32-year-old Okajima, 1995 to 65 million yen signing bonus to join attracting talented independent sales giant, in 2001 to reach top of his career, single season 25 games successful rescue for Okajima separated formally joined the "million man" club, Ham won in 2006 he moved to Japan, "Japan, a" crown, a total of Okajima 12-year career on staff, leaving 34 games in the successful rescue of 32 records lost 41 games, pitched 642 out of 681 strikeouts Board Biao, K function quite amazing.

Japanese professional baseball to "delicate" known, the operational requirements of the players are very strict, Okajima strange pitching in Japan, described as a "different numbers", the ball is shot moments eye catcher gloves not look directly, but the mound of soil drifting heap, common sense, Okajima point guard certainly will not be good, but the fact is the opposite, Okajima not only precise ball control in the zone edge, good changeup is so batters command to hold the stick are not strong, Big league hitters as no exception.

Okajima extraordinary full display against the pressure of the playoffs, from the angels, Indians to Rocky, completely take Okajima crash others accumulated only hit in the primary vote of 9.2 out of 5 Bureau of hits, is that only a low blow into 47, soared from a point not lost 9K, firmly installed in the Red Sox Set up man (ace relay), and Terminator Popper friends (Jonathan Papelbon) the composition of cow's most powerful barrier.

Second War World Series after the race, Falankena strongly praised the O: "He completely dominates the performance of rivals, like a giant mound, fans look to attract the audience." Hideki Okajima strong relay, is the Red Sox into the world champion indispensable combat capability.

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