Thursday, August 19, 2010

Carpenter is still the value of post-operative rehabilitation

St. Louis Cardinals Carpenter (Chris Carpenter) by moving the elbow ligament surgery in July last year after the training has recently launched a short pass, although he has not yet set the timetable back to teams, but according to Tommy John surgery after the return date of rehabilitation, general to 12 months, Carpenter said: "I can not be hurried."

Carpenter 2005, 21 wins, 5 to create a defeat, 2.83 ERA results, selected as the State League pitcher Young Award in 2006, also paid out 15 wins and 8 defeat, defense of the success rate of 3.09, while last year only to vote in a race a field Council voted 6 to swallow defeat on the inclusion of the wounded, as torn elbow ligament in July knife must be led to the whole bathing season.

Carpenter is still the value of post-operative rehabilitation, and periodic short-range pass the ball to start practicing: "I have voted three times training, feel good, but this is just the beginning, after all, rehabilitation is a very long road. . "

Carpenter unwilling to return to their own development during the table, but most of the post-operative recovery of at least one month, Carpenter said he must now step by step to rehabilitation can not be hurried, I now very good, strong arm, hand elbow condition is not bad.

In accordance with the progress of Carpenter return date should be around July this year, the time may be even earlier, in terms of the Cardinals is still worth looking forward to the late Austrian aid.

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