Monday, October 11, 2010

The poor performance of the regular season Pena

On the other hand, light starting pitcher Wade Davis also has a good performance, to cast the first 5 Board 7 strikeouts, 3 although four bad throws, but also gave up five hits, but none of any errors points. However, his next start in the 6 Board to be Nelson Cruz smacked solo shot, then hit another after being knocked Kinsler exit. Cruz in this home run was his first 3 of this series bombers.

Although the Rangers rely on Mitch Moreland under 6 Board's base hit scored 2 points, but half of the wire after the match flame, do not go the offensive, whistle to lose 2 to 5. With the light of the current Rangers win 2 wins on the road, we must return home for the first 5 light war.

Longoria said after the game out of a low ebb: "We fought the record tied, I think we got home there will be a lot of confidence to the end of the series at home."

The poor performance of the regular season Pena, in the light of the 2 game winning hit number 7 hit 4 hits, and yesterday I played the last two were hit singles, home run, and today I played the first 2 is the third base playing, playing second base to form a complete alternative to combat. After the match he said: "I think we must acknowledge the current situation, after the tide over the difficult move forward."

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