Wednesday, May 12, 2010

National League starting first baseman and shortstop

National League starting first baseman and shortstop, where competition is fierce, Houston Astros first baseman is the Berkman (Lance Berkman) and the St. Louis Cardinals Pujols (Albert Pujols) now separated the top two, but Peter Hickman was leading more than 10,000 votes; and shortstop is the Luomanruizi Florida Marlins (Hanley Ramirez), Astros Tejada (Miguel Tejada) and the New York metropolitan Ruiya Si (Jose Reyes) before separation Third, the current difference between the number of votes are up and down in a million votes.

Second baseman, the Philadelphia Phillies Wu Teli (Chase Utely) is by far, has received more than 530,000 votes, the second astronaut of Kazuo Matsui just over 180,000 votes, more and more Japanese fans, irrigation the.

Atlanta Braves third baseman Jones, the current (Chipper Jones) about 10 million votes between the second-leading metropolis of Wright (David Wright).

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