Thursday, June 17, 2010

Red Sox pitcher Beckett Alone (Josh Beckett),

Red Sox pitcher Beckett Alone (Josh Beckett), today in the Red Sox minor league game in registration practice board, a total of 2 Council voted, 35 balls, defeated last 20 games 7 of Beckett, this warm-up match on March 8 ago, as lower back discomfort, suspended starter, has been among the infirmary, the Red Sox Japan trip, Beckett can not accompanied by, and today nearly two weeks since his first registration plate.MLB jerseys

For his pitches, "okay, no problem," Beckett said: "I have recovered, and now gets better every pitch today, I felt very smooth, I hope there will be no problem, I think I need to go through a practice session to see if the starting position. "

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