Monday, June 21, 2010

Then the two sides had a Bureau

Then the two sides had a Bureau, Bureau of the second half into 4, Padres offensive, Park Chan-ho on the 13th to face the first batter blasted the Academy was a foreign field hits, followed by the 5th Kevin and 23 4 Rod Consadole Although Juarez have been killed out of the infield, but ran into the Oscar but took the opportunity to base 3. mlb jerseys

At this time, on the court very dramatic scene, the Dodgers catcher, 71 Lucas actually voted in the back the ball to fly ball, the ball after rolling to shortstop, from the Clansmen and Villager are China Taiwan, had not he returned to the final Oscar back to home plate, Padres first time in the match.

The two sides then an offensive into the digested 6 Jushang Ban, replaced Padres pitcher, 75, Zarate appeared in the troupe, he sent out one after the Dodgers for the Rod Jones 4 balls, then John was 76 - Lindsey and Lucas with 71 to play two outfield hits record, Jones ran back to score the Dodgers ahead again 1 min. Score into a 2 to 1.

In 8 Jushang Ban, is playing the Dodgers along the upper color, first three bars 27, 2007, the United States to fight rate of success of the first Camp selection ball into first base, but Houqiong Si hit the timely hits, although he caught between a second base in the killing, but walked Camp return, the Dodgers leading 3-1.

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