Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just gonna be another high mountain

Chen Weiyan scored a career-high season record of 13 wins, 2.90 ERA, a season of 148 strikeouts, 183 Bureau is not only the best array Chunichi Dragons starting pitchers, but also Central Union 2, the pellets that let him Challenge Alliance, is bound to keep people offered a high, outside the annual salary 100 million forecast for this year's Chen Weiyan 10 million yen, 100 million next year, you can get at least 50 million yen, about 1.83 million U.S. dollars.

Just gonna be another high mountain, the highest mountain is the same alumnus Kuo, the United States assessment of the local media this season Kuo outstanding performance at least 200 million dollars in salary levels, and Wang and Chen Weiyan higher than some, Dodge team salary even as 10 million U.S. dollars will be moving upward, Kuo was considered 2.5 million U.S. salary point of view, equivalent to NT 75 million yuan or so, if not unexpected, Kuo of Taiwan next year is likely to travel outside the highest paid player.

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