Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nationals general manager Ruizuo sinker pitcher

Nationals general manager Ruizuo sinker pitcher seems a soft spot for rumors that he might be about to become a free agent pitcher David Diamondbacks cloth, raised contract conditions, coupled with the opportunity to renew the national and Wang also very strong for next year They have the opportunity to be teammates.

National recruiting health cloth, and last year signed a similar situation in Wang are considered low risk and high return investment. In particular, longer rehabilitation Health cloth, progress will be closer than the actual combat phase of Wang, but his salary this year, up to 850 million (approximately NT 259 million), the bargaining space is limited.

Wang Wei are all cloth and sinker as the main weapon, 2004 to 2008 single-season vote of at least 208 Board, scored 77 wins, the defense was only 3.30, was selected the National League in 2006 Cy Young Award.

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