Friday, November 12, 2010

Washington Nationals at home held a grand fashion show

Washington Nationals at home held a grand fashion show, open a new jersey next season debut, and invited the model is none other than the Ryan. Xin Maman (Ryan Zimmerman) and Kerry Prabhupada (Tyler Clippard) consisting of players such as national sportsman Army.

This was the third time in five years people change jerseys, the first two were in 2005 and 2008. The next quarter, the biggest change in new jersey, than in the past printed with the team name "NATIONALS" the white jersey will be history, home shirt next season will be printed on the chest from right to change curve modeling "W" of white shirt replaced, and the original printed on the right side of the players in uniform will be changed to the left, the curve shape of the W will be the next quarter of the national team a new identifier.

In addition to home jersey is changed, the national team also unveiled their new team jersey logo and special events. Nationals team logo is the original team name "NATIONALS" printed on the ball, the new team logo, the same signs major league hit LOGO is the main colors of red white and blue, but changed the shape of the curve W as this design core. And for special holidays such as Memorial Memorial Day, National Day or a special shirt design 911, still retains the original dark blue color, but left an American flag printed on the chest to the stars and the shape of the curve line drawings W.

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