Thursday, March 25, 2010

Police not required to provide DNA samples of Big Ben

While living in cases of sexual assault along with the survey, Steelers quarterback this - Roethlisberger are not required to police their own DNA samples, Big Ben's lawyer Ed - Garland has taken the initiative to the Atlanta Police to provide samples, but the police told Garland need to.

Garland In an interview with Pittsburgh, "tribune-review," an interview, said: "Based on my current knowledge and investigation revealed that situation, I believe that this time would not have a formal complaint." Earlier this week, a 20-year-old The female college student claimed that Big Ben in Milledgeville one bar had sexually assaulted his own time for the March 5, in June last year, Wallace has also been subjected to similar allegations, a woman's claim that he raped Lake Tahoe resort its own, but Big Ben has denied all allegations and slander counterclaims woman.

NFL president, Roger - a Goodale this week, said he will meet with those outside the Big Ben to discuss right and wrong, Goodale said: "We will treat this matter very seriously, I am very worried about Big Ben to continue in such bad situations. I have, and Steelers president Art - Wayne Rooney spoken to, I will at the right time to meet with the Big Ben. "Rooney said the Steelers would fully cooperate with police investigations, Coach Tomlin has also expressed a strong concerns.

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