Sunday, March 14, 2010

Steelers coaching staff who already had 49 major shake-up Team

Not reached the playoffs last season for the Super Bowl champion Steelers is a painful failure, they recently conducted a series of personnel adjustment, head coach Mike - Tomlin to take over for former coach Randy outside - as a four Feiqi Na Sub-Wei coach, and then in a nationwide search for a new SWAT team coach.

Over the past three years, the San Francisco 49ers have been the work of Al - Everest into the Steelers line of sight, Tomlin has been the past few days meeting with him before, may be a few days was formally announced that he joined the Steelers team news. Everest, 59, will replace Bob - Geography Xie Gaussian as SWAT team coaches, africa, Xie end of the season when the Gaussian has been dismissed because the Steelers had five games in the regular season, the opponent four times to open access to attack the ball back touchdowns. 49 people jumped last season, kick back a distance of 32 teams to attack the worst, the Everest and the 49 team did not renew after the expiration of the contract to become head coach in 2008 Xingeteli office leave after a Assistant coach Kurt - Xiao Tang hemmed succeeded his place.

Feiqi Na in 1990 and 1993, two from 2001 to 2006 time period as the University of Memphis quarterback coach and offensive coordinator two positions in 1997 to 200 years as quarterback coach of Arkansas State University , where, and Tomlin co-workers, he came after Steelers replaced Ken - Anderson is currently Steelers also need to take over a foreign coach, there is no clear candidate emerged.

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