Thursday, March 4, 2010

South Korea's goal of 16 bonuses shrink

"South Korea will definitely qualify from the group stage." Draw for the World Cup after the South Korean coach Huh Jung-moo confident, but the situation is grim, taking into account packet (the same group rivals Argentina, Greece and Nigeria), South Korea Football Association identified the group stage only The number of post-bonus, as long as the last 16, every player including the coaches can be harvested 100,000,000 (about 80 million yuan) incentives, and according to South Korean media speculation, if we can cut eight-keung and four strong, each the player's prize money will increase to 200 million and 300 million won.

It appears that the Korean team bonus and past the previous fair, but due to sharp depreciation of won, and now out of the Football Association but has shrunk compared to the number of successive, in the good-bye to promotion in 2002, after four strong at home myths to group promotion, South Korea Team thankful. It is worth mentioning that, after the South Korea Football Association's stingy let players awarded bonuses of this is not much hope.

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