Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Redding is an unrestricted free agent

Redding is an unrestricted free agent, his best season in 2006 season, when he started 16 games, completing 8 sack and 70 interceptor.

"For Corey, we are very excited that he fit us," Ravens coach John - Haber said. "I think our defensive team, he will have the opportunity to be truly successful." Haber want to use a different reading. "He can be washed from the inside can also be washed from the outside, he can even play last year's offensive in the first stall we let Germany 10000 - Edwards, playing the impact of location." Harper said. "I think he is one and the German-10000 is very similar player. Obvious, Germany million were contributed for us I have a great season, we hope that Reading can give us to fill the vacancy he left behind."

Redding graduated from Texas State University, in 2003, the third-round draft pick by the Detroit selected.

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