Friday, March 12, 2010

Tomlinson visit the Minnesota Vikings

La Dai Homo - Tomlinson, will visit Minnesota, Vikings team to believe that he would be a good choice. Tomlinson plans this week with four teams coach Brad - Kier Driss and met with members of other organizations. Spent 9 years in the career, the worst performance in a season, the 2006 League MVP season by San Diego last month, lightning force cancellation.

Since Chester - Taylor, after signing with the Chicago Bears, Vikings team has been looking for another running back to fill the vacancy left by him. Chir Driss Wednesday that he wanted to "to see where his thinking." Kier Childress said he envisioned 30 years old Tomlinson realized that it must be accepted as an all-star running back Adrian - Peterson's replacement while the lower their identity. "I hope he understands this, but I always wanted to communicate clearly, so we will not beat about the bush on this issue," Kier said Idris. "We have to tell him that he will play a role."

Idris said he chir Tuesday and Tomlinson phone communication is "a great conversation," "At that time he was golf course, telephone interrupted him, and I looked out the window, told him, 'Well, I can not lie to you . This is not a tropical paradise or any other similar place, ' "Kier Idris said," but it is also the place that we have to cover the roof of the reasons. "

His age in the NFL in running back is typical of commonly used, since 2006, was MVP, he has been on the decline, that season, he accumulated more than 2300 yard red balls and 31 touchdowns. Since he was last season by lightning in 2001, No. 5 team in the first round pick after a red ball less than 1,000 yards last season. 2009 season, Tomlinson has 12 touchdowns, a total of 223 red ball ball 730 yards, each red ball is poor 3.3 yards. However, the last game of his experience, catch the accuracy and usefulness of the skills required for this position is an important component. Patterson, later this month will be at least 25 years of age, there is a wrong ball out. He often attacked in the third when they were replaced by Taylor. Chir Driss dispel Tomlinson Peterson as a possible idea of the teacher. "That is not in the equation," Kier said Idris. "We assess that he is more as a player, a man, a competitor and his contribution to the team can give only what is."

Tomlinson's agent, Tom - Condon refused to talk about Tomlinson to visit other teams situation.

In the last month's press conference, and San Diego, farewell, Tomlinson said he believes he can resort to four or more seasons. He 12.49 thousand yards of red ball red ball in NFL history, statistical table No. 8, and his 138 touchdowns ranked second red ball. He has not the Super Bowl ring, which may also be that he wanted to come to the reasons for the Viking team. Vikings team from the Super Bowl last season, very close to, but they qualified for the final battle of the NFC Super Bowl final in overtime loss to New Orleans Saints.

"You really do not want to go somewhere to make your head exhausted," Kier said Idris. "Do you want to have the opportunity to win, to compete, as well as a higher honor to win."

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