Monday, April 5, 2010

Cleveland's top players were arrested for guns

Cleveland's top players arrested for armed peak Sean Cleveland Browns - Rogers on Thursday at Hopkins International Airport was arrested because his carry-on luggage in a pistol with bullets.

Rogers has recently been in the team's suburban training camp to participate in voluntary offseason training. Police said in a statement: Rogers in the mouth through the C hall when airport security found a backpack with a bullet in the .45 caliber pistol.

He was arrested at 12:15 pm. "Nothing happened" to be transferred to interrogation centers in the city center, placed on file for the carrying concealed weapons, is three felony. Cleveland police station in the Shi Sami - Rogers, Morris said Thursday night the city is still being held in prison. So far he has not been charged, police said, despite the 31-year-old Rogers, the federal government may face in carrying the gun fine. It is unclear offseason, Rogers lives in Houston, police said on that gun and what, or if he has a gun permit. He is also not clear whether traveling alone.

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