Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Giants coach Bruce praised Lan Sikang performance.

Giants coach Bruce praised Lan Sikang performance. "Is a beautiful work," Bacs said, "I do not know what else to say."

Two outs in the seventh, Lan Sikang number of strikeouts has reached 199. Nike Heng Zhen benefit is two, the audience all stood up. Then the ball into a two-good two bad numbers, more loud cheers. But Lan Sikang not aware of his accomplishments until his pitching coach David Ruiti Hendry strikeout ball to him so that he as a souvenir and to congratulate him.

"I am glad to hear this news," Lansi Kang said that he won last year is 196 strikeouts (150 in the big leagues, 46 in 3A). "This is a very large number." 50 games in major league start, he has not completely match the record. Finished with 100 shots in the 7 game, but also in the eighth with four balls to solve two batters, he seemed a perfect game of chance. But his Adrian Gonzalez hit a fly ball ‧ was killed before then walked Lewis. Luolikuizi and Brian ‧ Giles, his pitch count to 115, led to his being replaced relief pitcher end .

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