Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yankees Lectra Sabathia support national

The face of the national vote last year to quite easily the CC Sabathhia, today (17) New York Yankees jersey has not changed Phi leak, 7 2 / 3 Board only knocked a home run by Anderson Hernandez hurt the final 3 minutes responsibilities to lose the win, the Yankees have a 5 to 3 victory over the visiting nationals in cross-League series play catch up.

The last and national grips, Sabathhia 9K shutout win, do not start today a vague, easy 6 ball three opponents on three times, only to be pounded before the 4 Council scattered three hits, only took 46 balls complete blockade of the national fight lines, also join in team-mate at the next City Council, the 2,3-two.

But Sabathia is in paragraph 5, after the Council met when I run into a little turbulence batters, was Alberto Gonzalez, Wil Nieves hit consecutive knockout after nine rods Hernandez is sent directly to the left field stands, a ground-breaking third shot in one fell swoop the score ahead, sand hill on fat can only hide his face, regretting.

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